Monday, February 12, 2007


I feel like I have been away from "blog world" for a long, long time but in fact it has only been since Friday!! Wow!! Just wait until we take our long trip in March and I will be away so much longer!! I am going to have blog fever or some kind of blog illness from not being able to get on line!! WHAT will I ever do with out being on line and being able to read everyone's post and post myself!??? I know that I missed my laptop about Friday night...even though I had it with me I was not able to hook up to anything.

We took a test run this past weekend to a very neat STATE PARK here in Georgia. It is called George L. Smith II as you can see in the picture above. That is my daughter and her two children. Our reason for moving all the way from Illinois down here to the southeast!! They have a camper and so we went with them to learn about our motorhome!! Hubby and I needed to know how to set up and to know what we were doing before we took off to pick up my parents way out in Arizona. That is going to be a long long trip for us.

We leave on Marc
h 6th and travel some 2000 miles to Sun City West to pick them up. We will stay a couple of days in order to pack things. Our son from California is going to try to come and see us while we are there too. My brother, sister in law and their family live there so that will make some family being able to get together. I love it when that can happen!!! We then will pile into our HURRICANE and head to Illinois...another 2000 miles. HOpefully get dad and mother settled there and then back to Georgia another 1000 miles!! When we get home I am sure a long winters nap is going to be needed!!

Back to the camping trip!!!........We left here Friday afternoon and got all hooked up and settled into a nice camp spot before it got dark!! The lake has those trees that are pretty
but scary all at the same time. They are called bald cypress. They grow in the water really weird.

For supper we had pancakes and eggs which always
taste so much better for some reason when camping!! Our daughter did the cooking!! YES!! You know I hate that !!! We ate at their trailer and then went to ours for the nigh time entertainment. We watched the movie, "Invincible". Which is very good!! The kids had their own DVD player so they watched their own back in our bedroom. Both kids wanted to stay with gpa and gma but I convinced them to let us have our FIRST night in our camper by ourselves.

MOrning and we hiked and hiked and hiked!! I am sure that I got my share of exercise!! I played pinecone ball with the kids; we went to see the GRIST mill that is there; talked with the park rangers about the animals that live there (rattlesnakes
and gators); took pictures and just had a great time...UNTIL.....My daughter was trying to help her youngest get a snail or some creature off of his finger and was holding a bunch of stuff up close to her chest. She was hanging over a big fountain with a lot of water in it. She was holding my digital camera!!! have figured it out. My digital took a bath!! She grabbed it as quickly as she could!! I started pulling out the memory stick and the battery and drying it as quickly as I could with my sweater!!! I knew this was not a GOOD THING!!

We went back to the camp as quickly as we could!! She was all wet from dunking into the fountain to retrieve my camera and needed to get out of the wet clothes.

I used my hair dryer and blowed that camera for all she was worth but the viewer was fogging up so I knew it was not good. Digital cameras are not made to be bathed.!!!!

I am so upset about that but it was simply an accident!! I am going to so lost without it...

Playing on Saturday is going to be hard too!! Unless I can find pictures that I have already taken!!!

From there we had a great weekend though. Saturday we had Brunswick Stew for supper. If you would like the recipe just let me know. It is great and the easiest way to make it in the whole world...If you can open cans then you can do it!! We watched "OPEN SEASON" at our home!! Very cute movie!!

Saturday night we ended up with 2 kids sleeping over!! I knew we would have to keep them!! (go grandma go) They were good as always with just a nighmare from one!!

All in all we had a great time. I played on the swings, teeter-totter, played battle with pinecones, c
hased the kids, and did a lot of fun things!!

I almost hated to go back to reality. It was fun just being out where the birds and the peacefulness of nature are!!



Melli said...

WOW! Looks (and sounds) like you guys really did have a good time! I didn't realize they had their own camper -- I thought you were all going to be in yours - and I wondered how that was going to be! But this was great - you had your own space -- well, kinda sorta! LOL! You are a fabulous grandma! Was Mike in all his glory? Does he like DRIVING it? I wouldn't... too BIG for me! But men like stuff like that!

Lazy Daisy said...

Oh your poor camera...I agree, digitals do not like to be bathed. Sounds like fun except for that! I'm glad you are enjoying your camper and getting the kinks out before you pick up the folks.

Terry said...

Dear Sandy... I HAVE found a lot of nice looking kitties.

After you said I oculd use any picture that I wanted of yours, I have picked the one of those two football fans of yours..
Hopefully I will be putting them in with a few other beauties on Thursday..

I have had a few slack blogging days, myself.

I do hope that you don't mind that on my posting today that I asked the "Sandy Connection" to pray for David Fisher of "pilgrimscribblings"
YOU have such a BIG connection Flip-Flop!!....Love Terry

I still have to get Noel Lewis to put your daughter and Night Owl and Susie and a few others on my favorites!!

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Your camping trip sounds fun! We have a 5th wheel and enjoy it very much..
So sad about your camera. It's hard to get mad when the grandkids make a little boo boo!

Jane said...

Boy Sandy, it sounds like you had a great time! You had great weather too! Pancakes and eggs...YUMMMM!!!

Beckie said...

That sounds like so much fun~except the camera part! Glad you had such a good time.

Anonymous said...

Sandy know you had a good time in that new motor home, looking forward to your coming to AZ to pick up Dad and I and take us home again. Will be fun having the whole family (well almost all) together again, may be the last time in years to come. Can hardly wait to see you in Mar.
Love Mother & Dad

Lee-ann said...

O! Sandy.........if you could just drive by here on your driving holiday what a wonderful time that would be. But! The water between us could be a problem. (just kidding)

Your holiday is going to be WONDERFUL fun I envy you all very much. camping long the way and yes the food does somehow taste ever so much better.

Memories are going to be made that will be forever and ever.

"happy holidays to you" love the idear of the trial run this post is all about.


Terry said...

Dear Sandy...You just HAVE to see it!!
Jimmie has a cat named Nora on a video playing the piano!!
Go take a look.
Bernie and I just loved it.
The Kitty looks just like YOUR Annie!!...Love Terry

Mrs. Darling said...

oh my sorry about the camera. Looks like you had a wonderful vacation though. Welcome back to the blog world. lol

Maggie Ann said...

What an interesting post! How's your camera doing now? Our viewfinder fogged up from being in the Niagra Falls boattrip. It took it a while but it did recover. ~~Your camper sounds like a wonderful experience...and i love how your grandkids love you. Its fun for us bloggers scattered all over the U.S. and beyond to 'sort of' go with you on your travels and day to day life. I enjoy the privilege and sometimes wondor why blogger does not extract $ from us for it...=). SShhh!~~~ (Pausing to pray for you re/ your upcoming trip...)

Susan said...

I would LOVE that! Unfortunately dh isn't too into that sort of thing. Oh well.

Sorry to hear about the camera. I know you all made wonderful memories though. Some of my fondest memories as a child is camping with my Grandparents and my family all at the same camp. Your memory with Pine Cone Ball reminded me of a picture I have of my Grandpa pitching balls to me that I could hit with a tiny bat they had.

Fun stuff. Now you KNOW you WILL be missed when you are gone. Hopefully you can stop and blog occasionally along the way.


:-) Susan

Peggy said...

sorry about your camera but wow what fun you had this weekend! I can't wait till spring break and some of the grandkiddies come visit me for a week.

Marcia said...

We have been to 6 RV shows in 3 cities in 2 years. . trying to decide what we want to do about it. . . One of these days. I am trying not to envy you too much! I hope your trip will be awesome.