Thursday, February 22, 2007

Can anyone out there that is very smart with the NEW BLOGGER
please help out a friend of mine?
If you can would you please contact Barb
She is having a time setting up her list of
people that she likes to go too every day.
I went over there and tried to help her out...
but it is not like my OLD BLOGGER which is
all that I know so I cannot help her out.
She is just a new blogger and she needs some good
buds to help her. Let's show her how helpful
we all are!!
flip flop


Child of God said...

Hi Sandy. I went over to Barb's blog and the comment I left yesterday wasn't there. She has comment moderation on so I'm not sure she's looking at her comments. I left her my email address just now and will do whatever I can to help. I just switched over to the new blogger and although I paid for my new template, only $15, I may be of some help.

Peggy said...

I left her a comment telling her I would be glad to help.

Melli said...

Thankfully it looks like she's being helped! I would offer if not -- but I'm not AT ALL sure I could make heads or tails of the new script! I kept mine in old blogger style -- and so did you! YAY!