Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We are on to Tuesday already so it is time for my TUESDAY TIDBITS!! Let's see what I can come up with today!!

  • I was running late to get to help with the Roberts babies but I got all green lights. Once I got there they were just getting up!!
  • I helped change them and fed both Benjamin and Danielle their bottles.
  • Next came oatmeal and pears!! Boy can they put the food away now!!
  • Danielle is standing up really well and her legs are strong..THE boys are being beat out by her in the standing and walking department.
  • Benjamin is wanting to talk really really bad.
  • He and I talked trying to say anything that began with a B!! He seems to love that sound.
  • Next babies in bed then Ashley and I played store; read books and the morning flew by.
  • Babies up and back to changing more diapers, feeding bottles, playing and lunch time..sweet potatoes and fruit... in highchairs all 3 sitting in a row!!
  • Back home and put together a beef stew for supper.
  • Police were just two houses down so I called Tootsie and of course she found out what was going on.
  • We have a great neighborhood but something is always going on. Nothing bad THIS TIME!!! WHEW!!
  • Cooler today and maybe some cooler winter weather coming...WHO KNOWS anymore!!??
  • I have gardenia, EASTER lilies and dahlias coming up. I need to cut the gardenias back but with all of the blooms and buds I just cannot do it. What a winter!!
  • I am off to a baby shower in a few minutes..It is one of those drop in ones. She is having her first baby!! OHHH!! I remember that...but I never had any showers!! HOw many of you never had a baby shower? I bet you are older like me!! What did we do without a baby shower!!?? Hm! We made it someway!! smile!!
  • I had coffee with Tootsie this afternoon. She is leaving to go visit with her daughter. Boy am I going to miss her. No afternoon coffee anymore!! I had to go and tell her goodbye...so sad!!
  • BUT...Lazy Daisy comes this weekend!! OHHHHH!! I am so going to enjoy that!!
Everyone have a good REST OF THE DAY!! Hope you had a good TID BIT TUESDAY!!!



Peggy said...

sounds like you had a busy day! things are blooming here too and its sad because now we are getting cold weather.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh....I think I'll drive on up your way to visit with you and Daisy!! I wish I could.

I can't grow plants. I'm just excited that my poinsettias haven't turned brown yet.

Have a GREAT day!!

:-) Susan

MugwumpMom said...

That's quite the tidbitty day. And you have flowers coming up!? Not fair! Heehee. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

Nancy said...

I love it when little ones start to talk... what fun. Our weather is cooler today in NC and I bet SC will get it tomorrow! I have flowers blooming too and 35 miles away today in western North Carolina they have snow.

Ma said...

I love gardenias! I had to give all my plants away when I came to TX. :( I miss them alot, especially my orchids and Pele's hair.

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhh I am sO jealous! I want to be there TOO! Well... you guys are just going to have to have DOUBLE fun to make up for me not being there! (this is killin' me - ya know that... right?) LOL!

Melli said...

Oh! And Sandy --- I did not HAVE to take the challenge. My Boss didn't tell me I had to do that -- it was my own free will! But having TAKEN the challenge -- part of it IS that I have to drink HALF my body weight in water each day! UGH!

Jane said...

Great tidbits. But I have to say I am jealous that you and Daisy get to play this weekend! I am sad....but ya'll have a great time!

Cheryl Wray said...

Great list of tidbits! You are one busy gal!
I love baby showers. All those sweet little outfits--and yummy cake and punch! Hope it was fun!