Wednesday, January 10, 2007

TOO BAD....or is it???
by flip flop floozie

  1. I can go to Goody's on their special "Senior Citizen's Day" and get a discount!
  2. I am now a Senior once again...Once before in high school I lived to just become a Senior and now I have arrived again!!
  3. I get into the movies cheaper!!
  4. I am now happy with myself!!
  5. I am a grandmother of seven beautiful grandchildren!! How blessed can one woman be!!
  6. I have been married to the same great man for all these wonderful years!!
  7. Kroger gives we "Senior Citizens" a discount too!!
  8. We can park in the Senior Citizens parking spaces at church now too!!
  9. I thought there would be more respect for my age but unfortunately I am NOT seeing that!!
  10. I get to be at home (so far)!!
  11. I volunteer when needed and help out with my grandchildren when I can.
  12. I get to go to bible studies and learn more about my savior and how applicable our bible is for today!!
  13. Getting older isn't so just means that God has let me live a little longer and hopefullyI have learned a little more that I can share with those that are younger.


Melli said...

Indeeeeed! You are BRILLIANT madam! Too darn smart for your own good! And I am now QUITE looking forward to "senior" status so that I TOO can get free coffee at McDonald's and other such magnificent benefits! But at the moment I'm a woman on a mission! Have ya been over the My Weigh Of Thinking recently? hehehe... our partner in crime has been up to NO GOOD! LOL! Go check it out!

Jane said...

Getting older isn't so bad, it sure beats the alternative!!!
Great list, you have a lot to be thankful for.
Thanks for stopping by my T13.

Anonymous said...

so basically what you're telling me is that we'll save a lot more money when we're "senior citizens?" LOL.

Cheryl Wray said...

Great list!! All of those discount . . .I wish there was an Almost-40 Discount. I could use some!!

gramma_s said...

I think I've caught up reading your post's, they have a way of cheering me up. I love it when Flip Flop has a great day. :-)
I don't have time for much of a comment because I have to go find all of my sheets and fold them the RIGHT way. Thanks for the lesson.

Hootin' Anni said...

Your #4? I seem to sense you were happy with yourself for quite some time. And your goal has just made you happier!!!!

Lazy Daisy said...

You are still the senior prom queen to me! See ya soon!

Carol said...

I have only about 4 years before I can claim to be a senior citizen, two close friends have seniors cards and save heaps on meals on trains...being a senior is a great achievment...a gift from God