Monday, January 01, 2007

MONDAY MUSINGS.................

WELCOME TO THE NEW YEAR OF 2007!!! Hubby and I stayed up till midnight!! Can you believe!! Only hubby made it because the BEARS were on TV last night!! Really that is the ONLY way he actually would have stayed up!! They ended up losing which did not make him very happy at all!! Our neighborhood was filled with the sound of fireworks!! Someone was very happy for the NEW YEAR to come!!

I am so hoping that this year will be better than the last three days of 2006 were for us. Our last three days were not the very best for us. First finding Lucy the way we had too and having to bury her just about did both hubby and I in on Saturday!! We have her buried now and I want to get a special marker for her and also plant a pretty RED plant for her in honor of her beautiful coat that God gave her.

Next, while out shopping Sunday afternoon, my brother calls me from Arizona telling me that they have taken my dad to the ER!! He had been sick during the night. I had just talked to my mother that morning on IM on the computer. She called my brother after we finished. He came right over and found that Dad was really bad. It sounds like they got him there just in time!! They immediately got him on oxygen and on breathing treatments, took tests and admitted him. The doctors found that he has pneumonia in his left lung. He is going to be in the hospital for 2 days at least. I have called and called and have found out that he is much better. WHEW!! I tell you these past few days have been just something else!!!!

In between that Garrett our grandson has been having his 6th birthday celebration. It is actually today. He was born 01-01-01!! What a birthday to remember!! He had a little boy pirate party Saturday (in the midst of all of this) and then last night he wanted to go to his favorite restaurant!! We attended it all of course!!

We never know what a NEW DAY will bring to us, do we? That is why we need to take each NEW day as it comes and be thankful for it. We never know what this NEW YEAR will bring to any of us either. I pray it brings all of the good things to each of you my blogging friends. I have so enjoyed blogging. I guess I need to thank my good friend Miss Daisy from the Daisy Patch for that. She and Mr. Wonderful came about a year ago this past August and she just insisted that I learn to here I am blogging and meeting some of sweetest and nicest people!! Thanks knew that I would simply love doing this crazy thing called blogging, didn't you????

Well, I guess I need to get this January 1st, 2007 going!!! I hope that everyone has a great day!!



Terry said...

Dear Flip Flop....The year has already started out good for you..I mean your dad's feeling better and your grand son having a birthday party.
I don't know what you would do without those grand kids. They are bringing the sparkle back into you eyes that is for sure!!

A Pirate birthday party no less!...Real neat!!
What those kid pirates SHOULD of done Sandy is made those old Bears walk the plank!!
Might of brought some deserving justice and made your husband feel a little bit better!!

I can't tell by the picture what your grandson's favorite restaurant is but I can see that it is certainly NOT Macdonalds!!

Isn't it so nice Flip Flop that the little darling is still small enough to sit on someone's knee!!...

Have a good day my friend...Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Love the hat, dear one! Please know you both are in our prayers and so is your dad. We are catching up on sleep and I am truly being a lazy daisy today. Just saw and held Beckie's grandbaby Kelsie. What a beautiful child (I can hardly wait for ours!) Hugs and prayers! Your Daisy

Melli said...

Yes, I got your email - and your comment on my blog and I wanted to stop by and let you know how HAPPY I am that your Dad is doing better! I now know that God listens to me EVEN when I've had a few too many wines! Luckily he IS a mind-reader and I didn't have to verbalize my wishes!

Annnnnnnnd... Did you get to KEEP that sombrero??? I LOVE that! I would have come to Garrett's birthday party if I had known sombrero's were in order!!! Well... I also like Mexican food! And that dessert looks mighty yummy!

Cheryl Wray said...

I was so sad to hear about your father's trip to the ER. I sure hope that he is doing better now! I just know that 2007 will be wonderful for you and your family!!!

Gattina said...

I just got the email with your comments thank you ! No I didn't know that Lucy is dead, I am so sorry for you ! I know what it is to loose an animal it's sometimes even worse than loosing a family member and I am not ashamed to say that ! I had this awful experience three times. My first cat after 20 years ! the second after 9 years only, she had cat's aids and in 2005 our old Max 19 years old. I never mentioned him because I just couldn't but I think this year I can write about him. At least you can say that Lucy had a nice life with you and that's already something for a cat.