Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday is here already and MONDAY MEMORIES is already upon me!! My brain is not coming up with anything today!! Probably because my BRAIN has been having WAY too many HEADACHES of late!! It is tired of having them and so AM I!! When I have so many of them then I just do not like thinking at all.
I did want to post today so guess it will be just a few ramblings of my maybe now you had better go on to someone else's blog!! smile.
I went to Curves this morning and did my THING there!! Back home and into washing for the day....boring so me it is too...but the great thing is that I have a home to come back to...a nice washer and dryer...water...and of course clothes!! Always look for blessings in everything!!
Annie is doing pretty well today. She is more leary of Simon than of us I think!! He is giving her plenty of room. They are going to fine...GIVEN time!! Her last mommy called over the weekend checking on her. Isn't that just the sweetest thing!! She really cares about her animals.
Tootsie called and I need to get over there for coffee. I have the grandkids to go pick up because my daughter got called in to work unexpectantly. I am looking forward to homework (do you believe me???) My grandson who is in kindergarten usually has 10 pages of it...YEAP you heard me right...10 whole pages. They are making sure that he is learning and he is!! He is reading and his handwriting is improving by the week!!
Well I know that I have bored you immensely by now so I will get out of here. Hope your day is flowing along great. It is cold here in the Deep South East United States and supposed to get colder...BURRR!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
Sounds like you have a full day ahead!
Look at my site for the owl I found; it was a miracle. I don't know how I did it.I will be learning something new everyday.Hope your headache is gone.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Oh my doing homework with little ones. That sounds like fun!!! And penmanship....boy howdy do I remember the routine we had when WE were that age....all circular motions ---day in and day out! Remember that?

Bet it's all so different these days. It's been EONS since I've helped with kindergarten homework.

Anonymous said...

give Annie a kiss from me... glad she is doing well

Anonymous said...

YAY! No headache! I'm reading Hootin' Anni's comment up there -- shoot! They don't even TEACH cursive writing anymore! At least not up here in Maryland schools! They say handwriting is OBSOLETE because everything is typed and done on the computer! Yea? Well, how 'bout signing CHECKS? HUH? Yea... they say checks are obsolete too! Sheeesh! Have fun with those grands!

Jane said...

Oh Floozie, I am glad your headache is gone. There is NOTHING worse than a bad headache!
I know you enjoyed your grandchildren, I can't wait!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a horrible headache this weekend. I hope things are better now. It's OK to ramble some days, you know.

Have a great week!!

:-) Susan

Terry said...

Dear Sandy...You are NEVER a bore, especially when you mention any of your kittys
Hootin' Anni says that you named your cat after her Sandy but I told HER that that darling was named after me beause my middle name Anne has an "E"..So what do YOU think? Ha!! Love Terry

Anonymous said...

So glad Annie is adjusting. Hope you are headache free today. My money is on you when it comes to doing kindergarten homework. You go girl.

Pamela said...

Sounds like you accomplished quite a bit. I admire you for going to Curves and then coming home and doing laundry rather than diving for the couch like I probably would! lol Ooops, and then you must have spoke too soon cause there you are sitting with the grandkids! lol

Nice to hear that Annie is adjusting! Hope they end up being best friend paws!

Ma said...

Are people still doing Monday Memories? I thought the hostess of it shut it down? That's why I haven't done it. :) So I've only been doing WW, TT, FF and Photo Hunt.

Susie said...

Glad your cute kitty Annie is doing well! A headache can really drag one down. Glad you're having a day without that!

Saija said...

you gave me the much needed push to dust off the laptop & get it wireless ... which i did ... :) ... thank you!