Thursday, January 04, 2007

It is once again Thursday!! I think sometimes that it is always THURSDAY!! Hmm!! But it just seems to me that THURSDAY comes right after THURSDAY!!

My grandkids started back to school today and their mommy is really a happy camper today!! I remember when I was a young mom. We would have the kids home for the Christmas break. We lived in Illinois then. It would be cold and usually snowy then. I would try all kinds of things to keep them entertained. We did not have all of the fancy technological things that the kids have internet..thus no computer...just the plain old things like baking cookies; making things; playing board older moms remember!!

Well by the time those 2 LONG LONG weeks were over I was ready to tear my hair out!! The days just drug by and finally it was time to load them into the car and get them BACK TO SCHOOL once again!!

Depending on the time of my life then...sometimes I could look forward to quiet and other times I was babysitting, macramaeing, sewing, typing or cleaning. I tried everything to stay at home. I remember... and feel my daughter's pain over the last few days.

Today I am finally getting our wash done here!! It was STAY AT HOME AND WASH or get a divorce!! I choose OPTION #1!!! Hubby and I have an anniversary coming up in a few day...43 years!! So OPTION 1 seemed like the best of the two to pick...RIGHT?

I recently purchased Paint Shop Pro 11 The newest version has been having problems on some peoples computers and of course mine is one of them!! SO...the Corel technicans are using me as a guinea PIG!! They want to get this all figured out with MY HELP!! WHOOPIE!! They call me and we go through step after step...this way they can figure out what is the problem. I cannot use my software so they have sent me a free trial of the 10.0 and now they are sending me the whole thing FREE OF CHARGE 10.0!! PLUS once we get the 11.0 working I will have that also. I just work with them when they call. It reminds me of what I used to do when I worked so I CAN DO THIS!! Just listen and click when and where they tell me too.!!! FUN!!

It is foggy here today and a little down if you know what I mean. The last I heard about my dad is that he is home, tired but that is GREAT NEWS!! This year is going to be better than the end of 2006!!



Pamela said...

How fantastic about the Paint Shop Pro 11! Woohoo! Anytime you can get something for free...that's A-ok in my book! Nice that you aren't intimidated and can work with them too! Keep us posted! :)

Anonymous said...

You go girl. I'm expecting to see great things by the 15th when I come to see you. Happy Anniversary in advance. Love and miss you...hugs Daisy

Melli said...

*knocking wood* and HOPING this is going to be your "hassle free" day! I reckon I'd of chose option 1 too... although SOME days I might choose option 2! LOL!

I read your comment in my blog today. You KNOW I am an "open book" too... but it seems like no matter HOW open I am, there are "things" that people THINK about me that just really aren't "me". I guess sometimes I feel misunderstood! But I get a LOT of comments about HOW bubbly and outgoing I am ... and so I guess I think people think I'm ALWAYS like that -- you know? And I AM like that a good bit of the time... but certainly not always! So anyway... it was just my thoughts for the day. *shrug*

What are you and hubby doing to celebrate #43?

Anonymous said...

Yep, my laundry pile is NOT pretty! It's going to have to wait until the weekend. Since my DH is out of town...I'm doing my best to keep afloat. He helps me so much around the house, so it's hard when he's gone.

Hugs and blessings to you...WOW, 43 years is SO NEAT!! We're having our 20th this summer.

:-) Susan