Thursday, January 25, 2007


This is my friend from Curves. She really
wanted to learn how to blog once she started
reading my blog. I went over to her house
and with a LOT of work we FINALLY got
her set up. I thought it would be nice if
you have stop over and see
her and leave a comment!! Show her
how nice everyone here in blogland really
really is...(like I have told her)
Thanks so much!!
here is her address and oh her name is


Anonymous said...

I've gone over to say hello! Thanks for sharing the link. As I told you, I always enjoy meeting new friends!

Terry said...

Hi Flip-Flop and good morning Susie!!

Sandy it is almost 4 in the morning...just got up for a little but I will go and say howdy how to your friend Barb!...Love Terry

DellaB said...

will do, thanks Sandy...