Tuesday, January 02, 2007


For those of you that read my posting regularly you know this little girl by now. She is one of three little babies that survived birth on November 4th, 2005!! She had a twin sister, Emily that did not survive but Danielle and her two brothers Benjamin and Casey did!! Their mom and dad already had a BIG sister Ashley at home. Several of us from our church have been helping out with this BIG family.
This morning I was there for just a bit because they are sick again!! (Colds) I fed Benjamin his bottle and also fed Benjamin and Casey their breakfast of Oatmeal and fruit...Oh how yummy!! I had brought my camera because as of the end of this month I am stopping going to help. Honestly I have had a time with quitting because I have grown to love these babies as if they were my own grandchildren (although everyone calls me AUNT)!! I knew that I needed to STOP and have been struggling with this decision for some time now!! I love seeing them but I know that it is just TIME to get on with other things in my life.
The reason I have little Danielle at the top here is because the doctors said that she would not walk because around the time of her birth or sometime thereafter she had a brain bleed and part of her brain is not there. They said that her one side would someday just go limp...thus she would never walk...WELL, Friends I want you to look at our miracle!! She is walking and also now standing alone at times and can take a couple of steps alone...that means by herself!! She has even beat her brothers!!
I know you are saying...well maybe it will still happen...I SAY NO!!! God is good...He is the healer of all of us and I BELIEVE that HE does miracles and I BELIEVE that he has healed this little ones BRAIN!! It is working just as well as ours does. She can jabber, has the best smile you ever saw, bunches of teeth, loves to play and take things away from both brothers...how more normal can any little girl be?
Today has been a much better day than the others in 2006....thank goodness...although after I got finished with Curves I was buying a shower gift and my phone kept ringing. I could not answer it because the building would not let the call come through. Finally once I got out of there I got the call. It was Tootsie frantically trying to get in contact with me...."Sandy, you have police at your house!" Oh great now what is wrong!! Well, once again my wonderful alarm has gone off. I tell her to go and tell them to leave!! This has happened so much!! That alarm is something else...I run to my car so that I can get home quickly!! I get in the car and hubby calls.

He says, "I just got a call from the alarm people!" Me..."Yes, I know...again!!" He..."I called them and it is okay." Me..."Great, I am tired of this thing going off all of the time." He..." Don't worry, all is fine." Me..."Whew!"

See we have just had a few too many rough days lately!! I want one free no hassle nothing goes wrong day!! Ya think there might be one in the works? I only hope so......................



Anonymous said...

OH we have the same thing down here...our alarm goes off even when the electricity is non-existent for more than 15 minutes. And no matter if we're home or not, they're calling us to see if everything is all right.

I consider it a blessing. I'm happy that they are so efficient. That's what we pay the big bucks out monthly for in the first place. I can rest easy at night knowing that they are watching over us.

The little sweet baby is a miracle. Our grandson is what the hospital calls a million dollar baby, because of the cost of keeping him alive for the first 5 years of his life, but he's our soon to be 18 year old MIRACLE.

Thanks for the dropping in for a visit today.

Terry said...

Dear Flip Flop...Little children and you just happen to go together, I think. This little miracle here is indeed results of prayer but also your being there so often and the other Christians from your church. That is much better than medicine for that little new "walking and talking" lassie!!...On my way to work...Take care Sandy...Love Terry

Mrs. Darling said...

That is so neat that you have spent time with these kids. I bet that mom is very grateful to you! That wouls be so fun to be able to do something like that.

Jane said...

What wonderful examples of the grace of God. I know they are a blessing to you and others.

Ma said...

That is so wonderful about Danielle! God does work niracles every now and then. You gotta have faith. I will pray for her to be as normal as she can be. She's a cutie!

Hope you have good days ahead and throughout this New Year!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

A hassle free day? wow.... *dreaming*

Anonymous said...

I popped on over from Terry's in Canada. Hoping you have a hassle free day very soon (tomorrow in fact). What a blessing you've been to help this dear family. Hugs

Maggie Ann said...

How wonderful to read your post...about the healing of the little girl's brain and how well she is doing overall! You sound so busy, and you sound like a huge blessing to this family too. I can only imagine how they love you...=). Hope you have some lazy days ahead soon.

Cheryl Wray said...

What a wonderful story of these 2 precious children!! Hey, what do doctors know? That child is a walking miracle, don't you think? And just adorable too!!
Great post!

Anonymous said...

Sandy ever since I have been a blogger which is just not long enough, but then again long enough to know how dear and special these three darlings are to you and their family. They are blessed to have had you in their lives and I am sure you are blessed to have had them in yours. I understand the hard decision you have had to make in not going there anymore but you have helped give these darlings such a wonderful start in life and it will never be forgotten.

what a true miracle for you to see this beautiful little girl take steps that were never expected to happen, yes! a wonderful miracle that I am sure you had a big part in helping with and now this is I am sure a gift to you as you say goodbye to them.

Thank you for visiting the other day and please tell your hubby yes! My hubby would like him to know we have our own RV that would seat 4 anytime you choose to take a trip! :o)

best wishes Lee-ann

Anonymous said...

If you had a problem free day what would you talk about???

Anonymous said...

What a touching and remarkable story. Thanks for sharing it Sandy. I also believe in miracles. God is indeed kind. Children are a blessing and I'm very happy to hear this great story of love and hope.

Have an exciting and blessed New Year.

Melli said...

Awwwwww... I don't know HOW I missed this yesterday -- I guess cuz I was blogging from school and just didn't really have time. I DO believe this baby could be healed! God can do anything He wants! Has she had another brain scan to see what's going on NOW? God could have totally chosen to fix that problem. Silly doctors!

Are the kids getting too "busy" for you Sandy? Toddlers are a LOT more work than infants are! That's for sure! And 3 at once ... whoooo! I bet you're going to miss them though! I guess you'll see them at church though.