Tuesday, December 12, 2006


*It is Tuesday once again....seems like it was just here a couple of days ago!!

*I was at the Roberts again helping with Benjamin, Danielle, Casey and Ashley..No dried cranberries up the nose this week.

*The babies are pulling up well and trying to take some steps but their little legs seem to be like jello most of the time. Their smiles are contagious and sweet to me.

*Ashley and I played LEGOS and built a mall with Target, Lowes, Walmart and Sears!! What fun.

*Beautiful day today!! I think it got up around 76 degrees today!! Traffic here is just awful!! I stopped at Walmart--non the less--fighting the traffic!!

*Still no Lucy kitty kat!! I have to make up my mind to let her go!! It is very hard on me. I keep looking and I pray for her often. I just hope she is warm and in a good home with kind loving people.

*Been reading all of your lovely blogs, my house needs cleaned but my friends come FIRST you know.....smile!

*I am crocheting or trying to crochet a shawl....watch me get so far and unravel it!!

*No bills in the mail today...that is always a good day!!

*I ordered Paint Shop Pro and was so looking forward to getting it. I even had a garage sale so that I could afford to have it..WELL it came and guess what the 11.0 has a bug or a flaw in it and will not work with some people's computers...MINE!! They have to work on it...they gave me a download of 10.0 for 30 days...Then what do I do..complain some more I guess.
Computers..Software!! FUN...Headaches if you ask me!!

*Leftovers for supper tonight...makes me happy since I SO LOVE TO COOK!! ha!!Even bette we were just invited out!! YES!!!

*Tomorrow I take my friend Betty to the doctor. She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and not given a good prognosis. She is going to beat this. She has to have a blood test. She called and asked me if I could take her. I told her I would be thrilled to do it for her. I want to do something and this is something that I can do....She has 4 children and 2 grandchildren!! Cancer is so nasty!!

*Christmas shopping is about as DONE here as it can be here. I do have one more to get but cannot think of ANYTHING to get...guys are so hard to get for...

Have a great night everyone!!



Anonymous said...

So sorry about your friend Betty, I will pray that she won't go through a lot of sickness. it's crazy warm here today too! Not sure of the temp, but I had on a t-shirt with no coat! Crazy! I'm in the middle of making a stocking for my oldest, it's one of those embroider, applique kits, it's fun...but I don't know if it's gonna get done by Christmas!!

Melli said...

Well, sounds like you've had a busy busy day again today! Fun with those babies, fun with the computer (ha!) and fun going OUT to eat! YAY YOU! I AM glad to hear that you at least get the trial version of 10! I'm sure when it runs out, if they don't have your version 11 fixed, they will give you the extended version of 10.

As for my question of satisfaction? ( i tried to answer in Beckie's blog and couldn't! ) The reason I am not satisfied is that I am NEVER satisfied! That is what I'm told ... all the time! LOL!

Nancy said...

You have been a busy lady... do you ever just get worn out? I will pray for your friend and I am still praying for Kitty too! Good luck with the software... I am just an old dinosaur when it comes to computers and technology.

Peggy said...

Our cats have disappeared for over a week at different times and then come walking in the door like they haven't been anywhere. I don't understand the little things. They have food, nice warm beds, someone to pet and talk to them and they rather go run around! I am thankful they are fixed so they won't bring any "surprises" back with them!

Maggie Ann said...

I am sorry to hear your Lucy is not home...it would give me a heartache too. May the Lord watch over Lucy and you..dear friend. I enjoyed hearing about your day, the ups and downs. I don't like to cook either! I can get happy over 'leftovers' too, believe me. As for software, its is a wondor and fun untill it doesn't work for me, my daughter got me Adobe Photoshop Elements last Christmas and I'm still almost clueless. It takes soooo much time trying to wade through the booklet and figure it out. I hardly ever try anymore. She loves me anyway...grin. Hope you are having a great day, the babies are so sweet! Good for you, helping out the way you do. Hope your friend does beat the cancer...by God's grace.