Friday, December 22, 2006

Last night My Hubby and I went to a Christmas Party that was given by our church and the leaders of our usher and First Connections Ministry. We never have our picture taken together so I took our camera along. When the party was almost over I asked a lady if she would take our picture. I thought you might like to see us in our "dress up" clothes. I was so excited because of this top I have on..... It is a MEDIUM!! YEAP a MEDIUM!! I am having such fun losing weight!! I have gone from a size 2X to a Large and now this is a MEDIUM!! OOOPS have I already said that before!! Can you tell I am happy about losing weight yet!! I know I should not be bragging but just let me get this out of my system...OKAY!! Who knows what I will look like at this time next year!! SMILE!! hopefully better!! Hopefully...
The tree that you see in this picture was decorated in a different
style than I have ever seen. It had dinner plates in it with wine
glasses and cups and saucers!! Hmm!! But it was very pretty
and of course well done!!
The food was great!! The desserts were fabulous!! We had
egg nog which was just the creamiest that I have ever had!!
I was good and just had a little bit!!

I hope this finds you all well and happy!! We are having a lot of RAIN here!! I am cleaning house. UGH!! We are having some company from Illinois on the day after Christmas!! I don't want them to think I have a dirty house!! smile!!

Come by and say hi if you are not too busy....have a great Friday!!




Maggie Ann said...

Merry Christmas Sandy! You and your hubby make a beautiful couple. I love seeing your picture and having this little visit. Its a treat! congratulations on your weight loss too. You go girl! =)

Jane said...

What a great picture. You both look great!
It is fun to buy smaller clothes, isn't it??
Have a great Christmas!

Terry said...

Dear Sandy...You are so slim!!
Thank you for visiting my blog. It came to Bernie's computer and he says you are real pretty.
I am hoping that you have a really good Christmas too and I guess you are allowed a little bit of sweets for just a few days, but only for a few days because you look real good!!Your husband is a pretty handsome guy too!!....Love Terry

Mrs. Darling said...

Just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas. May your day be filled with joy!

You're looking good. Congrats on the weight loss!

Anonymous said...

Hey Babe....Woo and Mike both look marvelous darling! That Red really pops on you. There is snow on the ground here. Definitely wish you both a Blessed Christmas. Daisy

Jennifer said...

You look gorgeous. I thought you looked beautiful back in April, though...still do :)
Just wanted to wish you and Mr. Floozie a WONDERFUL Christmas!! I hope to make it back to Savannah one day to see you again!
Love you!

Melli said...

Don't you and Mike just look SNAZZY! Red really IS your color! And waaaaaay to go on the MEDIUM!!! YAY! I know how thrilled I am after being a 3X to be in just Large now! And after the holidays I'll be weedlin' my way down to medium too! YES indeed!

MERRRRRRRRY Christmas Dear! Hope you and Mike have a great day with the young un's!

susanwalkergirl said...

Merry Christmas Mrs. Flip Flop.

You look very festive in you MEDIUM top. It feel great as you loose weight doesn't it? Not only do you look better in your clothes and have more options...but just feel better and have more energy.

I discovered you via Terry at Canadian Blogger. I look forward to exploring your writings.

PS...Sophie's Heart is one of my very favorite that one. I tell Terry she is my kindred spirit since we share love of Anne of Green Gables and music by Great Vision and Jeannette Oak books.

Lord bless...and Merry Christmas!

Carol said...

You must just feel so good about yourself in that lovely MEDIUM blouse. What an accomplishment! Very nice Christmasy photo of the two of you.

Blessings and stay well!