Thursday, November 30, 2006

What a week this has been!! Seems like everything has been happening!! It started out with Lucy walking out of our lives on Sunday night. Our sweet red headed cat just walked out of the house Sunday night and has not returned!! It has caused us a lot of grief this week. I have done everything that I can think of to do to find her. I have went all over the neighborhood, asked everyone that I can ask, made posters and put them up where people will let me, had many many people praying for her and have called and called for her. I keep going to our sliding glass door where she always came in and desperately wanting to see her standing there asking to come in. BUT she is not there!! I have to learn to go on and get over this....

Then... next another situation comes up that is harder to explain so I won't go into it!! Just something that gets involved and had to get...UNINVOLVED!! It came together today and once everything got out into the air things are better!! BUT I was really upset before the meeting and wondering just how I was going to get through it. I called my dear husband and he prayed for me and I could feel the calm while it was all going on. I just did not want to face what I had to do. It is now over with and all is well. You know how you make something BIGGER than it really IS!! Well I was doing just that!!

NEXT...we are having a neighborhood GARAGE SALE this Saturday so I have been trying to get ready for that also!! I AM RETIRED!! HMMMM!! I wonder what that word means!! It does not seem like retirement to me!!

I am so busy from grieving to wondering what I am doing in such crazy situations, trying to please everyone, worrying about things that I need not worry about and so many other things that well I guess I should just not worry about!

I think that I try to please everyone too much and forget about myself....Ya'think!!??? Guess I just need to vent a little bit tonight!! I am just a little depressed and not a bit myself this week. Tired of the way this week has been going and wanting things to turn around and straighten out!! I should be happy that the weather has been great, both my husband and I are healthy, all is really okay but for some reason these other things are weighing heavy on me right now!!

Please forgive my moanings....I will get through all of this...just be patient with me!!



Nancy said...

Well at least today is over with and no more drama. Get a good nights sleep and I will pray that things will be better tomorrow. It is going to be uphill from here... that would be a blessing indeed! PMA... postive mental attitude, tomorrow is a new day and a new month. ENJOY!

Jennifer said...

Dear, dear Sandy, I wish I were there to give you a great big have been there for me when I needed encouragement the most, and I wish I could do the same for you. I love you so much, sweetie ((((HUGS))))!!! I will pray for you tonight!!

Melli said...

Awwwww Sandy...I'm so sorry. I am (((huggin you))) and keepin' you in my prayers! I hope everything turns around and gets better real soon! Sounds like it might be starting to!

Hey ... you never told me... how did your daughter like the dishwear?

Anonymous said...

AWWWW, Sandy, I'm so sorry. There used to be a TV showed called That Was the Week That Was ~ You just lived it. Things will be better.


Terry said...

Dear Sandy... I am feeling so bad for you and about Lucy too. It seems so strange that you can't find her anywhere. I just bet that soembody has found her and is enjoying her but it is making life so lonesome for you without her. I think we can STILL keep prayihg about it and just like the lost coin, the lost sheep or the lost son she will be found. Still praying ..Love Terry

Carolyn said...


Anonymous said...

Sending you hugs over the water,
seems ages since I left a comment..