Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This morning my youngest daughter and I took off and shopped and shopped and shopped!! Anyone out there like to shop??? Raise your hand!!! Yeap I think I see a couple or three of you now raising your hands!! You can put them down now!! Next time you can come with us and eat at a little Japanese restaurant...Sorry!! We will give you more notice next time.

This was Becky's day off so we took advantage of it. She dropped the kids off at school and then stopped by. We jumped in my car and took off!! I had some coupons so we went looking. I have 2 Christmas gifts bought...YEAP only 2 but well with NO job and NO income to speak of it is hard to get gifts for everyone!! TRY IT ...tis hard!!

We started by looking where we had the coupons!! I found one good buy so thought we were doing okay...(now to convince hubby when he gets home)!!! We were mostly looking for a gift for my daughter and Becky's sister today!! They will be here next week and we hope that they can take these home with them!! (okayJulie)!! We had fun looking and thinking!!

At noon like I said we decided to stop at this Japanese restaurant that Becky had eaten at before. Boy it was good just like she had said. Inexpensive too!! That made me like it even more!! Only $3.50 for my meal!! GREAT place don't you think??? Everyone came in right after us so I think that we just made it in time.

After that we decided to go to TARGET and do some more "looking" WE love to travel along the back row aisles and see the CLEARANCE things!! CLEARANCE and SALE are my favorite words when it comes to shopping. I think I taught all of my granddaughters those words when they were just little girls. Girls need to LEARN those words in order to be good shoppers!! While we were there looking at something that I cannot mention (sh!!) because of someone that just MIGHT be reading this blog..Julie...another lady said, "boy you should have went to Macy's today! They had a BIG sale." Then she started telling us the prices on what we were looking at and both Becky and my jaws starting dropping to the floor!! OOOPS!! The CLEARANCE and SALE ladies had goofed!!

It was almost time to go pick up the kids at school and we did not have time to back track, plus the lady said that almost everything was gone anyway...TEARS of remorse!! Oh I could have saved MORE money!! BOO HOO!! Oh well!! We did as best as we could!! Now to convince hubby of that too (ooops I think I have said that before to)!! Guess you have to do what you have to do!! Go on with life and just try to save when you can!! smile!! :-)

So instead of getting upset we just went to STARBUCKS and bought ourselves some coffee...Oh but I bought a green tea!! Drown our sorrows!! smile!!

We had a great day though...It is fun just to go and shop!! Now if I can just convince my hubby of that...OOOPS have I said that before!! ???



Melli said...

Ohhh it DOES sound like you two had a grand ol' time!!! I'm still waiting to HEAR what this fabulous buy was that you got!!! I guess I'm going to have to wait until JULIE shares it with me on HER blog! (or her mom could email me and tell me ... and I wouldn't tell a SOUL...) Teaser teaser! You did bad things when you introduced me to chai tea by the way! Ohhhhhhh! VERY BAD! I really LIKE that stuff! That bad BAD stuff! I'm probably going to have to attend Chai Tea-Anon meetings now! Humble myself to the crowds and admit that it MIGHT be stronger than I am!

Penrick said...

The last time I went shopping and had a great time, I was with my daughter. We bought tons of sale items and then blew too much on dumb things. Ahhhh....all in a days fun.

Jane said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. I like to find a bargain too! In fact, I was in Target the other day and they had ladies long sleeve v-neck tees on sale for $9.99 each.....I bought FOUR!!! They are great for wearing around the house in the winter and they are great for layering.
I'm with Melli....email and tell what you got your daughter!