Friday, November 10, 2006


Did everyone leave this Friday and forget to tell me where they were going? Did everyone leave and forget to ask if I wanted to go along? Guess so!! I am here trying to go to blogs and see what everyone is doing and well...NO ONE IS HOME!!
OKAY...So I have been sick!! I am better today!! I have been to Curves twice now and am about back up to the way I usually am!! Still coughing and filled up with that nasty stuff that just keeps
"making itself"!! Other than that...I am fine!! But that is not the question...WHERE ARE YOU!!

I have been straightening up things all over the house...not cleaning...just straightening...there is a difference. Next week I guess I will be needing to clean. We have a lot of company company for Thanksgiving. We have not had company for so long for a holiday...MEAL!! I am going to see if I "remember" how to cook a Turkey and the things that go with it!! Hmm..Between my youngest daughter and myself we have a menu made out so we are hoping that it will turn out okay. Not only this one MAIN MEAL but we have others to prepare also. PLUS there will be several TEENAGERS in the house!!

YEAP...Hungry, Hormonal growing kids!! I remember having to keep them fed and so now I need to think about how to keep those never ending mouths filled up with food, food and more food while they are here. I would not want them to go away saying they were always hungry at Grandma's house!! Nope not at this Grandma's!!! smile!!

This weekend hubby and I are going shopping. I need him to help me because with my back and well his is not so great either, but between both of our backs we can carry all of our food purchases home and hopefully up our 14 steps and into our kitchen. These steps always prevent me from buying too many food things!! We feel like maybe they are good exercise for us though...AT LEAST we hope so!! smile!! Watch out Walmart and SAMS...Flip Flop and hubby are on their way to see you both!!!

Next we have to think of places to take them while they are here. I am hoping for warmer weather so that will help with our decision making. We have a beautiful city but only a few places where we can go without spending tons of money (which none of us have).

All is going to be fine. Just to have family around...what more can we ask...RIGHT? That was one thing we gave up when we moved. FAMILY!! We moved with part of our family but we had to make some new friends and consider them our family away from family. We have done that and done that pretty successfully too.

Well I guess that is about my thoughts for this Friday. Oh, I need to give credit to Beckie from A Child of God for taking this picture of me when we were visiting in Virginia. She takes the BEST pictures of everything!! Some of her pictures need to be framed. She just takes pictures of anything that she wants and OH do they come out great!! Thanks Beckie for the nice picture...YOU DID GREAT!!

Everyone have a great weekend. Just think of me sitting here all ALONE while you are all out running around...or whatever you are doing...not online I can tell you that!! Hope you are having fun....I will just pout!!



on the Rock said...

Hubby and I are on vacation this week, but we're staying home while I get some prescribed rest...

Glad to hear you're getting better!

Bonnie said...

Don't laugh, remember, I was a blond! Ha! I was so glad that you explained how your picture at the window was taken. I thougnt, how in the World did you do that, but knew you knew a great deal about all of these things!! Love ya bunches & always look at your blog everyday. Glad you're feeling better! Bonnie

Anonymous said...

I am like Bonnie I am glad you are better. She and I are here, of course we are not bloggers, but we are your cuz and your Mother. Just glad you are better and hope by next week it all goes away. Have a good weekend and stay well for Pete Sake. Love & Hugs Mother & Dad

Jane said...

Im glad you feel better.....I didn't desert you Flip Flop, I am here for you.
Have a wonderful weekend.

sherle said...

So glad you're feeling better. I had that nasty cold thing about a month ago. Yuck! You're not alone sweetie, I was batting zero on phone calls until I finally phoned my sister today! Thought I was the only person in the world with nothing to do on a weekend! ;-)

Melli said...

Awwwwwww... I'm so sorry you were sad and lonely without us. I promise not to leave you again for a looooooong LONG time! At least a week! We did have a wonderful tour of Keuka though and it IS everything we want it to be! I'm glad you're feeling better now! Just in time to get busy shoppin' and cookin' and bakin' and plannin'! Gooooood thing, huh?!

Carolyn said...

Actually, I did leave town:) for awhile. It was weigh in day (and I go to Topeka for my appointments. 60 mile drive). And then Ethan had a play production that evening ... so, it was just a busy busy day. So is today, but not overly so.

Terry said...

Dear Sandy...I am just going fast through your postings.
Is this pretty face yours?
I never saw this before. You are so pretty!!
You look like a cameo brooch!!...Love Terry