Sunday, November 12, 2006


Hello out there everyone!!! Hope you are having a beautiful
Morning so far!! I slept in this morning so need to get busy!!
We have company coming a week from today so like the "Martha" that I
definitely AM I need to get my house in "order". Hubby and I
purchased "most" of the groceries yesterday. More to go get
this week. As in my past posts I wrote that we have teens coming
and three men sooooooooo I have some feeding to do!!
Also I need to get the daily meals planned (Martha syndrome)
right Susan!! My daughter that is coming is more of a
Mary but I cannot help what my personality is!! Just made
that way..right God!! Guess I should get off here and get
to being my own Martha self! Hope everyone has a great
Sunday whatever ya'll are doing or NOT doing!! Smile!!

Flip Flop signing off HAPPY!!!


Carolyn said...

Good morning, good morning:) Its a bit chilly here as well. Sounds like you have exciting weekend planned for next weekend! Knowing you, you won't have to do much to get things "in order". I am slowly getting there ... but I'm still in C.H.A.O.S. mode. But, its getting there. Bit. By. Bit.

Busy day today, but I hope to be around some.

OH...I think I finally found my "compromise" with my everyday posts and my PayPerPost entries. Are you seeing a pretty farmer picture (mostly brown, with a dark blue background). At the top of the menu, there is a link that says "Everyday entries HERE". Just click on that everytime you go in, and that takes you a category I set up that are my regular every day entries. Just remember to click on that, and you won't have to weed through the "ads". :) I'm sorry for subjecting you guys to it ... but -- I've made $300 in the last month for those entries. That is going to help buy Christmas. And I'm going to continue doing them, so maybe a laptop is in my future too. So, hopefully, maybe, that link will help you guys read "commercial free" :) hehe

Twisted Cinderella said...

I love the turkey! Have fun getting ready and playing Martha!

Melli said...

I spent my whole day creating a post about all my kids! LOL! And I didn't mean it to take me all day -- but my scanner was being uncooperative - and oh you know -- just computer nightmares! LOL! Now I'm just visiting a few folks and then I'm going to pedal and make dinner! Hope YOUR day was a good one Sandy!

Susan said...

I know how that is getting ready for the bustle of the holidays and visitors. Remember that they key to the book was that it is OK and necessary to be "Martha" sometimes. We have to know, though, when to settle down and sit at the feet of Jesus. And we have to serve with joy not with grumbling (as Martha did in that story). I love her picture of "Kitchen Service" vs. "Living Room Intimacy". May you find that you have that time to visit and enjoy each other as you balance your "Martha Self"!!!! ;-)

Praying that all goes well. Thanks for your post about my table....I am going to miss her for sure.

Melli said...

Sandy - I surely DO look forward to those days you mentioned in my blog! When my kids show up with ALL those grandkids I hope to have one day! And when I can boot them all out and send them home! LOL! I just. can't. WAIT!!!

Jon Cox said...

Hahaha, I love the turkey picture! :o)