Thursday, November 23, 2006


Yes, good memories and that is just what it is going to be pretty soon I am afraid!! Our family was almost whole for the past few days. We were missing our son Jon. He lives too far away to be able to be here but we had as many of us as could possibly make it here with us for Thanksgiving. We were able to do a few things.

The weather was not very cooperative!! I suppose next week when we are all alone here in Savannah it will be nice and sunny and in the 70's somewhere!! But for now it is has been in the 40's and raining, cold, windy and in some areas SNOW!! YES, snow in Georgia!! Hmm!! I hate it because when people from Illinois come for the WARM weather and find out that it is warmer where they came FROM!! Imagine that!!!

The picture above is from our adventure to downtown Savannah TEA ROOM in the rain and the wind and the cold!! We have dollar store umbrella that ....well let me tell you did not last VERY long with the wind!! BUT what do you expect for a dollar!!
Today THANKSGIVING we had a LOT of food!! How lucky can you be to have so much food in this great land where we are so fortunate to be FREE and able to have so much food!! What a privilege we have!!

I DO NOT LIKE TURKEY!! This is my shirt that I wore today!! Like it?? It says "EAT PIZZA"
Here is my family getting ready to eat!! We cooked and cooked until the bottoms of my feet hurt from standing so much and doing so many dishes!! I have run the dishwasher and taken the trash out many many times now BUT it has all been worth it...for sure!!!

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving like we did!! Take care and I hope to get back to visiting everyone as soon as I get some sleep!!



Maggie Ann said...

How wonderful that you have such a large family to love and be with. What great memories you must have. We enjoyed our time together with our daughter & her family for sure too. My hubby did most of the cooking so I got off light...grin.

Melli said...

Well, ours WAS great fun today with all the kids and Mathew's new girlfriend, and Dennis' mom and brother. There were only 9 of us - and we had a HARD time squeezing around my table! I am SO jealous of that great BIG table you have! Look how nicely everyone fits! WOW! What a beauuuuutiful big family too! I'm sorry Jon couldn't make it -- maybe next time! I bet he wished he was there...