Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I am actually home today!! I am usually watching the little babies today but I have a day off this week. It is nice to just be able to be AT HOME and not have to BE SOMEWHERE!! I have been retired...(ha!!) now for almost 6 years and it seems that I have WORKED more in these years than I did when I actually went to a job and got paid for it!! smile**. How can that be? I think when people find out that you are at HOME, they think that you have a lot of time on your hands and you need to be out THERE helping.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE helping others, but it is FUN just to be ME every once in awhile!!

Today I am washing and going to work on my bible study in a few minutes too. We are studying Jonah in our Precepts Class on Thursday mornings. We are going through the minor prophets. We just started in September and have already studied Obadiah, Joel and are now on Jonah and next is Amos. Last year we studied the Kings and boy if you want to get mixed up in scriptures just go try to study them. Most of them had the same first names...what a mess that was!! But the lessons are there to be learned for sure...we stopped to study the minor prophets so I know that means we HAVE to go back...dog gone it anyway!! I love my Precepts Class. We are small in numbers but boy do we learn about God's word.

It has finally decided to Cool off here in Sunny South East Georgia. The high today is supposed to 82. I imagine right now it is in the 60's. It is overcast and really good sleeping weather (you know me and sleeping) One of my favorite activities!!

Guess I need to get to Mr. Jonah now. He is out of the BIG FISH's tummy now so he is feeling much better today!! He has traveled into Nivevah and has told everyone that they need to shape up or God is going to wipe out their whole city. That is about where I am. Back to studying for me!!

Everyone have a great day whatever the Lord brings your way.....

I thought this was a Maxine day...course I think every day is a Maxine day!!!


on the Rock said...

Oh my gosh! I love that cartoon! I should use it at subbing - or even a sermon! Isn't a high of 80's the most wonderful weather?!? I'm loving the weather here this week too. What a great day for babies and bible study! Blessings!

celebrating life and family said...

Enjoy your day off. Wish i had more of them haha:). It is 59 here today and they are calling for snow-yes you read it right-snow on Thursday. Am not ready for that yet. The cold weather i can handle but snow can wait awhile:P. Julie

Wystful1 said...

Days off are so relaxing!!

I'm munching on a sandwich and trying to catch up with friends in blogland before I go begin cleaning up my mess. I just finished the wallpapering this afternoon and now have a huge gob of old wallpaper slivers and cuttings from the new...stuff like that, to do.

I'll pro'lly do a couple loads of laundry too before dinner time.

Hope you're having a pleasant day---it sounds wonderful what you're doing!!!

Okay, I'm off to hop around a bit more...then, back to work.

Melli said...

Ohhhhhh I am SO glad Jonah got OUT again! I always worry that he might not! lol!

Glad to hear you had a nice quiet, relaxing day at home today! I DO love days like that -- but you're right - they don't come along too often! SOMEbody always thinks you need to be "doing something"... I hate that! I much prefer to do my own brand of NOTHING!

Maggie Ann said...

Have you ever heard of the free download of the computer program...E-sword ? Its so nice, I downloaded it yesterday...commentaries, red letter KJV for me, and even devotionals. Just thought I'd pass the word along in case you are interested. Your Bible study brought it to my mind. www.e-sword.net