Tuesday, October 03, 2006



What is it about buying celery? It costs so much for a bunch and your recipe only calls for probably one stem of the stuff!! Then you have it laying around in your frig and it lays there and lays there and one day you need it again...YES another one stem of celery. You go to the frig and see OH, I do have some celery!!! You pick it up and it drips with some kind of AWFUL, DREADFUL, HORRIBLE stuff and its poor little neck falls over and it looks like it is very dead. In fact, it is definitely very, very DEAD!! Now there is no celery. GREAT!!

So, out the door you go again and go to the store to buy that celery again for that ONE recipe!! You use that one stalk again and guess what... weeks later the whole scenerio starts all over again!!

Well this is my beef about celery!! WHY can't they sell it by the stalk....why can't we freeze it for further use when we need it for that next recipe!! ?? I know you are saying eat it!! Yeap I know...eat it...I need to learn to do just that!!

I just hate having to buy something like this in an amount that I do not need only to see it waste away.

Guess I will learn to eat it!!
Well, My venting is over with...Thanks I feel better now!! *Smile*

( hey Bon)


The Bass Player's Wife said...

I feel your pain. Two things to try: Tupperware Fridgesmart keepers or my cheapie solution: wrap celery in paper towels, and then wrap it all up really snug in some aluminum foil.

Melli said...

Actaully... I just noticed this past week that my Safeway has started selling INDIVIDUAL stalks of celery! Just like they sell the broccoli and cauliflower so that you can just get the amount you want -- instead of a whole head! They now do that with celery! They must have heard you THINKING!!!

on the Rock said...

Ah ha ha ha! That's so true about celery! It always ends up a drippy mess in my fridge too! It's so good to know I'm not the only one who gets rid of stuff until it's really really clear it's gotta go. But you're right, I guess some grocery stores have salad bars, and they pretty much all sell celery in small packages ready for dipping. But I might have to try what the Bass Players Wife suggested too!

Margaret said...

I know of a pet Guinea Pig and a little girl who can go through a bunch of celery each week. I have to beat them both away with carrot sticks so I can use a stalk for my recipes.