Friday, October 27, 2006


Good afternoon everyone!! I only have a few minutes before I have to "get back in the car" and go pick up my wonderful grandchildren for the last time this week. Yeap, my week as the ugly, evil, grandmother has finally came to an end!! Well not really to an end, just the school part of it. Daddy and Mommy should have been sailing back to the USA all day today and will be pulling into port early in the AM. Then..and only then can you say that MY TIME is coming to an end!! I know for a fact that these "poor children" are ready to get out of our house and back into theirs where they are used to being.

My rules are not like the ones they are used to following for sure, but I think that we have had a good week. Spelling has been going well thus homework has been good!! I think I worried more about that than anything!! They have so much for being only 5 and 8!! I am not into homework anymore and I did not want to give any bad advice to them and just mess up those little minds!!

I posted a cute picture of Garrett here because he is the cutest thing!! Isn't he? Such a sweet angelic face!! Boy, when he gets mad, or does not want to do what you want him to do...look OUT!! Like last night for example...he and I kind of went around a little. First of all I was tired from the LONG week. I told him to settle down, that I was tired and to quit!! I told him that I only told him ONCE and that was IT!! He kept pushing me, and pushing me, which he is VERY good at doing. I said remember what I said about ONCE being the rule? Off to bed he went (it was time anyway)!! I think that he learned that when I say ONCE I mean ONCE!! OOOPS!! Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. He will learn in life as we all have to learn unfortunately sometimes the HARD way!! Guess he should start learning NOW!!

This morning we were up early and going!! I know they knew that this week was almost over for them and of course you KNOW that I am WELL aware that it is for me too!! Let's face it...these are great kids but I am just a wee bit older than I was when my own were their age. I was in my 20's when my son was 8 and well that was over 40 years ago!! Man!! now I am feeling old and tired!! Why did I bring that fact up???

Off to school!! I told them there would be a treat waiting for them in their car seats when I picked them and SURE enough the "grandma fairy" had a HERSHEY bar and a small cute water bottle there just waiting!!

It is thinking about raining here!! I am hoping that Gpa will take us out to eat tonight. I am tired of cooking, tired of running, tired of correcting, tired of doing, tired of thinking, tired of....well you get it...just tired of being TIRED!!! Bet ya'll are too!!

Everyone have a great Friday night!! Looks like we have a trip this next week that I JUST found out about...NO rest for the elderly!! Off to Indiana driving...leaving Tuesday night sometime...I just wanted to relax...not happening!!



Melli said...

Woman! You are wearing ME out! LOL! I do know you ARE going to be glad when the two hit the road! (for about 5 minutes... and then you'll miss them! Already!) Did you have any correspondence with Mom while they were gone? I bet SHE missed them like crazy! I bet she also enjoyed her week! Oh how I used to PRAY someone, ANYone, would take my kids for a night. Just ONE night! I never got rid of all of them at one time! Not until they were MUCH older! (when I didn't need to anymore... LOL!) YOU are a fabulous Grandma!

LadyBugCrossing said...

Hi Flip Flop!
This is why we have children when we are young and have more energy. I can't even imagine how my mother must have felt to have a 2 year old at my age. OMG! 14 is tough - 2 must have been impossible!
Children need rules and discipline. They won't try to act up next time they come to visit - they know if if they do, they get sent to bed -- and we all know that that's no fun at all.
You did good, grandma!! Now your week is over and it is time to rest!!
Kick your shoes off and plunk your rear on the couch and veg.

Terry said...

What a little sweetheart!!

I STILL think that you are going to have an empty house when they leave Flip Flop..
You better check their pockets when they DO leave. They might try to steal Miss Lucy. I am sure if I had the chance I WOULD
Even though I prefer Boy cats, that Miss Lucy Kitty sure is cute and cuddley looking.

Well I better get into bed. Have to get up in four hours and head off to work.
And THEN I will have four days off!...Love Terry

Have a nice quiet weekend Sandy.[to dream the impossible dream for sure!!]

Lee-ann said...

Hello flip flop! what a wonderful adventure you have had and I can see how things would be so busy and so much fun at the same time.

They will take home with them memories forever!!!!

Have a lovely week my friend. Lee-ann

Wystful1 said...

Well, I do know all you did for those wonderful kids was worth it. And they'll remember forever what Grandma Sandy did for them.

You also have so much energy to keep up with youngsters. And I'm sure it was fun. Even with Grandma's rules!

Happy Monday.