Thursday, October 26, 2006


I am back from my lunch with Susan and her mom and it went wonderful but I will tell you about that in a moment...but first let me fill you in on the PUMPKIN PATCH last night!! There were children dressed in all kinds of costumes everywhere!!

Heather, MY DEAR FRIEND and I were there right at 6:00 and there were police there directing the TRAFFIC!! Now does that tell you just HOW many people and cars were there??? Yes they were EVERYWHERE!!!

We finally got parked and got King Peter and Queen Susan out and headed up to the madness!! They had little tiny ponies pulling carts, a jumping house, a very tall climbing wall, a ride where you sit in barrels that go around and around, carnival games, face painting, and cookie decorating. There were at least two local TV channels at our church. Along the lake they had cars lined up with their trunks open with candy. Each of the trunks had different themes. It was VERY nice!!

Queen Susan had a very THIN long dress on but would not wear any long pants under it or socks with her tiny slippers so I knew that she would be freezing and soon she was. King Peter's costume was more winter friendly.

We had had enough about 7:30 and9came home...tried to settle everyone down from a small sugar high and into bed they went.

(Garrett can spell the word THE now and I am a happy grandma!!)


We overslept just a little so once awake we were on the go, go, go!! EAT, brush teeth...well you know the routine by now!!

Garrett had sat down and TIED his own shoes which I was really impressed with. We drove up to the school and when I saw him get out of the car I noticed that his feet looked funny...YEAP he had put his shoes on the wrong feet!! Oh great!! I could not stop to change them as you HAVE to keep going or get ran I just hope and pray someone changes those shoes today!!

I came home and got ready to go meet Susan at Lady and Sons at 10:00. I got downtown at a great time, but any of you that have visited Savannah before know that the parking is just awful!! (There should be a better word for it than that!!) I called her on her cell and said "See, this is me driving right past you!" We waved!! I told her that I had looked and looked for a place to park. I drove for an HOUR looking for a space....FINALLY through praying and everything I found a space down by the river!! I was so excited that I forgot to put the ticket that I paid for on the I am praying that I do not get a fine for that trip downtown today.

Any WHO!! Back to SUSAN!! After parking, I walked blocks and figured by the time I got to Lady and Sons that I would lose more weight and she would not even know me!! I made it in good time. Our reservations were for 11:00...Lazy Daisy we did good just like we did with Jennifer!!

The lady came out and rang the bell, asking everyone, " Are ya hungry?" The crowd yelled back, "YES". We did not wait long to get in. We stood and talked. Susan brought her mother, Bonnie. Very nice lady!! WE had a great time talking and learning as much as we could about each other and our families.

Those of you who have not met any other bloggers I HIGHLY recommend your doing this. It is an excellent thing to do!!!

We were seated and eating began!! I had crabcakes and OH very, very good!! I think I am learning to like crab...finally some seafood that I think I might be liking!!

We took pictures and talked and talked. Very, very nice people!! I knew they would be though...But I did not get a picture of Susan and I together..She did but I didn't!! I just remembered that when I got home!! Maybe I can get her to send me one. Course you can go visit her. I am sure she is going to post one on her blog!!

I sure hated to see our time together end!! It was very special and really a lot of fun.

Anytime you are in Savannah just let me know and we will get together!! Oh and incidentally...I am NOT an axe murderer!!! Just ask Susan....RIGHT SUSAN????? SMILE!!!


YellowRose said...

King Peter and Queen Susan are adorable!! Sounds like you are having a good time with the grandkids!

Also what fun meeting another fellow blogger! I'm going to have to make a trip to Savannah soon, just to meet you! I loved Savannah the brief time I was there!

Peggy said...

Its so nice to meet in person someone you feel like you have known all your life! I wish my daughter and hubby were still stationed at FT Stewart and I would be down that way often and meet you for lunch. I loved shopping and site seeing in Savannah. Its a 5 hour drive but one day I might just have to drive back and meet you!

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow look at you Miss Thing? You may have to start the bloggers tour! Sounds like a fun day and I'm glad every one is well and still having fun with their groovin granny. Hugs and prayers for Friday.

Jane said...

I am so glad you had a good time. Maybe I can get to Savannah someday and we can meet. That would be DEEEEEVINE!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Wow! That was some really handsome clothes that handsome grandchildren of yours were wearing! They are adorable, really.

I bet they LOVE to be with you. Sounds like you all had a blast!

Welcome over and goose your Deluxe Ducks ;-)

on the Rock said...

How fun to meet others from blogville!

Susan said...

I had a WONDERFUL TIME!!!!! We did not return to our hotel until after 5:00, then went to dinner at the Pink House. It was wonderful.

Blessings to you! And, yes, I'll send the picture of the two of us as soon as I get home where my chord is!!

:-) Susan

Wystful1 said...

Sounds like a perfect day with the meeting and luncheon---AND with the grandkids.

Oh.......trunks filled with candy? I wanna be there NEXT year!!

Great costumes. I'm enjoying your week with the kiddies as much as you are. They're darling all dressed up too!!!

Melli said...

Oh wow! Sounds like your meeting with Susan was WONDERFUL! How nice that she brought her mom along! Now, she wouldn't have done that if she had thought for ONE minute that you MIGHT be an axe murderer! I'm sure she thought you were no more dangerous than ... a samurai! *g*

The childrens costumes are darling! I know they had a good time at the church party! Sounds like they couldn't NOT have fun!