Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Today is Wednesday the 3rd day in the continuing saga of Grandma's adventure in keeping two precious grandchildren while mommy and daddy are out "cruising" around in the Bahamas!!

(great picture of Garrett, Madison and Lucy our cat)

All is going well too!! I am very proud to report this simple wonderful story!!

We got up this morning as usual..schedule going well...ran down the steps, into the car, book bags flying, backed out the car, seat belts buckled sat back and relaxed driving to school. We cross across our big highway and start getting closer to school when this pickup truck decides that he is going to cross right in front of me....WE both see what is happening at the same time (it would have been HIS fault for sure)!! He brakes, I brake and thank God for looking out after us all!! MY responsibility those kids...!! I continue on thanking God once more for His protection!!

Get to school, drive up to the sidewalk and the kind ladies standing there open the car door for you and the kids jump out and walk to their classes!!!

I AM FREE once again!! Off I go to CURVES!! Then to Krogers to get Garrett's favorite pop tarts(he ate them all)!! Back home to do the kids laundry!! Blogging and bible study are next!!

My silly nails are awful so off to see Helen to have those back to looking great so that I can see my blogging friend tomorrow downtown!! Remember I get to see Susan tomorrow!! YEAP!! We are GOING to try to get into Paula DEAN'S. When Lazy Daisy and I met Jennifer (Happy at HOME) downtown Savannah that is where we met. I hope that we can get in. It is off season now so hope

Back home again...Having a time with this poncho that I am crocheting....getting it together!! I don't know what I am doing wrong but think I am just...well ...just being me...a brown haired blond maybe!! Ditzy!! I will figure it out later.

Now it is time to get the kids fed so that we can go and mingle with 2-3 thousand children at the Pumpkin Patch get together at our church!! Now I tell you that is just what I want to go do!! REALLY!! I am so excited...They said last year you were shoulder to shoulder with the person next to you....THIS is held outside!!! (it is cold here at night too) Now re-think that thing I said about shoulder-to- shoulder!! See why I am so excited...NOT!!! DUH!!! The kids can hardly wait. Madison is dressed like SUSAN from Narnia and Garrett is PETER from the same!! They are just jumping everywhere!!

Off we go....Later blogging friends!! Day 4 is right around the corner!! YIPPEE!!


Lazy Daisy said...

Praise God that all of you are alright and that there was no accident. Sounds like all of you are not only surviving but having a good time too. Adorable picture of the grands. You're all prayed up my friend.

Terry said...

Good morning day 4..
By the looks of these two cute kids, it doesn't seem like you have a hard time Flip Flop.
I bet you are going to miss them at the end of the trek and the house is going to seem empty.
I have to go back to work in an hour or two so I thought I would just pop in and say H1..
Katy was in the hospital a couple of days and she is coming home this morning, so my blogging will be held on hold again but I have got a lot of catching up a lttle more under control!!
No snow yet but plenty of cool air..
Catch you later and hope you will have a less busy day than what you had yesterday Sandy!!...Love Terry

Hi Miss lucy..Tell your mama to send me a nice picture of you and then you will be blogged..Canadian style!!

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhh you are having too much FUN with those grandkids! And they. are. darling! I'm soooooo glad they are behaving for you and all is going well! Sounds like you may still be one tuckered out granny at the END of the week ... but you are hangin' in there MARVELOUSLY!!! I'm SO proud of you! (that dump truck thing must have scared the bejeebers out of all of you!) Thanking God too, that you're okay! Can't wait to hear the next installment -- and see some pics of those costumes?

Jane said...

What precious children. I know you are enjoying them....and will be glad when they go home!!!!
Have a great lunch with Susan and tell her I said hello. Paula Dean...I am SO jealous, again!

Wystful1 said...

I swear....with all you do in one day, why do you need Curves? roflmao.

You have a lot of energy...good thing tho, with grandkids around. It sounds like you're having a heavenly week for sure.

I hope you took pictures of the pumpkin patch and the costumes of your little ones!!!

(thank the lord you're all okay. When that happens to us, and I'm driving---my knees shake for hours afterwards!!!)

Enjoy your get together too today.

on the Rock said...

Is that a halo over her head? Adorable kids!