Wednesday, September 20, 2006

(This is really stretching me!!)
  1. I have always loved my hair. It is easy to care for and never gives me problems.
  2. I like my brown color of eyes..God knew what color would be the best for me!!
  3. I think that I am very friendly and love making new friends
  4. I love to sing and God has blessed me with a "Pretty good" voice!
  5. One of my gifts is hospitality...I love having people over to my house
  6. I can be crafty when I want to be...crocheting, scrapbooking
  7. I am a good mother. I have raised three good kids that are now good adults that know the Lord as their Savior. What more could I have done?
  8. I am trying to be a good Grandmother now by teaching my grandchildren how to be better kids, having manners and loving those around them by treating others with respect.
  9. I am the Welcome Wagon when new neighbors move into our neighborhood. I take them a basket of goodies.
  10. Blogging has given me the ablility to meet new people through technology. I am meeting new friends around the world. What a joy this has been for me..Thanks Kathy!!
  11. I must be a good wife since I have been one to the same man for almost 43 years now!! I must have done something right!! Hmm!!
  12. I like that I am an organized person.
  13. I have always liked being clean and having things neat. I just cannot live right unless everything is in its place. Makes me just a happy camper!!
Well that did not hurt too bad!! But it was hard!! Try this sometime!! It is not easy to do...believe me....
Flip Flop Floozie!!


Anonymous said...

Great list ~ maybe you could come to VA and give me some pointers!

Blessings to you today!

Wystful1 said...

This is a wonderful list!!! I bet you can come up with much much more than 13. I for one could add that you're VERY sincere! (that would be 14!!)....

I especially like #8 in your list! I truly believe that lack of respect to elders, in so many ways, is very sadly prevalent today. And #9 I did NOT know about wonderfully sweet!!!

Lazy Daisy said...

I can testify to the hospitality part and for that matter all of them. Wonderful list, I can add many are a great mentor, greeter, confidant, encourager, butt-kicker, diet diva, and best friend ever!

Jane said...

Sandy, all those things are true and I've never met you in person. I have learned those things by reading your blog (and from Lazy Daisy!).
What part do you sing? I'm a soprano. If you are an alto, we could sing a duet!
Thanks for stopping by!

Chaotic Mom said...

Honestly? I think I'd like myself better if I worked to be more neat and organized. ;)

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen. Enjoy! ;)

MugwumpMom said...

This is a great list and all things worthy of thanks. Thanks for sharing a peek into yourself

Melli said...

Well, you CERTAINLY are very friendly - and I have to believe the part about being hospitable! Well, honestly, I believe ALL the parts! I do LOVE that you are the Welcoming factor in your community! That is such a sweet thing to do! We only have 5 houses in MY community -- and we have all lived here since they were built. I've never had the opportunity to "welcome" someone new. It sounds like FUN! I think you made a fabulous list Floozie! (i used to be neat and organized... i don't know what's happend in my old age... lol... i do wish that trait would come back to me though!)

YellowRose said...

Though we have never met in person, I can say you are a sweet, funny wonderful gal and definitely one of the Southern Diva's! Wonderful list, it's nice to see women say something good about themselves!!

Happy Thursday!

Susan said...

I LOVE your list, Sandy! Kohl's is also one of my favorites. I know we are kindred spirits, because I made the SAME phone call to Kohl's when they started showing it on our TV stations. The guy told me they were marketing to see if Kohl's is a good match for the area. Lo and behold, 18 months later, there are TWO of them within an hour of me! Keep your fingers crossed.

I love reading your blog (in case you didn't know that)...and am sure that you are all of this and so much more!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the birthday wish!

Peggy is wayyyyyyy too good to me.

I think Peggy is a blessing from God.

Thanks again!