Saturday, September 30, 2006


I have always loved Maxine!! I think because she gets to say just what I would like to say!! Guess that would make her very opinionated!! I want to say things but never say them but later wish that I would have. You know when you go home steaming because you wish that you had said something but didn't. I never want to hurt anyone but always end up hurting myself!! Just me...just the way God made me I guess!! Maxine is GREAT!! Way to go Girl!!
Today is My youngest Granddaughter's 8th birthday! She thinks she has arrived!!

Everyone have a GREAT SUNDAY!!

Flip Flop!!


Melli said...

Oh I think we ALL love Maxine -- and for the very same reasons! She expresses OUR opinions for us - and gets away with it!

Happy Birthday to the ALMOST PRE-teen! Is she planning her "coming out" party yet? Oh that's right -- doesn't need one! She's HERE! LOL!

celebrating life and family said...

Tell Maddie happy birthday for us. We are having Katie's party today.

Wystful1 said...

I see the birthday girl is Maddie!!! Short for Madeline maybe--my guess. LOL

Hope she has a great birthday and glad she has ARRIVED!! (hmmmm, Wystful's saying, "Wonder what she'll do for her 16th? 18th? and 21st?)

How fun!!

Yeppers, we ALL like to personally know Maxine, don't we? It's like having a big sister telling us what we think and wanna say----she's our hero.

Happy Sunday to you dear lady. Beautiful, fallish day here...but naturally, promising to get hot.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Grandaughter!! I love Maxine too.

Hope you are feeling better. I am making my travel plans this week, so I'll be in touch with more specific information.

:-) Susan

Lazy Daisy said...

You couldn't be mean to a's not in your nature. You do have some very protective friends who will gladly take on any bully you encounter though! You so don't need to be Maxine!

Anonymous said...

Me too...I love Maxine!! Tell Maddie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Blessings to you today.

LadyBugCrossing said...

Maxine is my alter ego!!!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

OK, that certainly looks like me in the mornings with my old bad back! *lol*

Maxine is great. She hits the nail instantly.