Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I am just about overwhelmed this week with everything that has to be done (ordinarily) and now with my two bible studies!! Hey, I am not saying that I am NOT enjoying them!! Oh, yes, you need to know that I certainly AM!! It is just that I am so stuck in the Old Testament right now that I had to have a break!! I needed to get on my computer and get back to the world of technology!!

I have been loving studying Daniel with my friend Susan. We started about 7-8 weeks back doing the Beth Moore new study on Daniel. If you ever want a great bible study on his life and on eschatology (the study of final events in history, beliefs concerning death, the end of the world, and the ultimate destiny of mankind) you will need to study this book. Beth has been given great wisdom from God. Susan and I have had a wonderful time learning from her. What a time we are having!!!

I did not know that Daniel was a very old man when he was thrown in the lions den!! You know you are shown the little pictures when you are a child of a young man in the lions den. You take that as fact. Well, I have learned from my studies that indeed Daniel was 80 years old. Now I know that back then that was younger than it is now...but let me tell you 80 is still old to be "thrown into a lion's den"...Now don't ya think?

I have had great fun with this study!! What fun! I never thought I would enjoy the Old Testament like I have in these past 5 years since I have moved here to Savannah.

When we moved here I did not have to work so I had determined that I would be in a women's bible study if it was the LAST THING that I did. I could never go because I had to work. Oh, I tried to go to BSF at night. The homework is hard!! It is tough to do it and work. I could get it done but it was just not fun!! If you know what I mean....

Once we got moved we joined SCC right away. I got into a class. I picked the hardest one...One very similar to BSF....Kay Arthur's PRECEPTS. If you have never heard of that I am sure you can look it up!! Just google it!!

Kay Arthur goes all the way from the front of the bible....and on....I happened to pick up with my group when they were in NUMBERS!!! Now who in their RIGHT mind would like to read NUMBERS!! Guess it would be ME!! I figured what is in there for me to learn!! I soon found out that there was TONS of things in there for me...AFTER ALL...If God did not want me to know that information WHY would HE have put it there and included it in HIS bible? Good question!!

I began studying with the best group of ladies!! I made wonderful friends which I needed so bad at that time in my life (in any time of my life for that matter). Here I am now almost 5 years later now up to Obadiah...Next is JOEL and then on to more minor prophets!! WOW!! I never thought I would be studying this much or this hard on the BIBLE ever in my life.

The most wonderful and great thing about all of this is how much I am loving it...how much I am feeling closer to my Lord and Savior through the reading of HIS WORD...How much I feel like a WHOLE CHRISTIAN...How much I look forward to studying...How much I seem to understand now...How much imagery in the BIBLE is starting to make more sense that ever before.

So here am I ....this old 61 year old mother, wife, sister, aunt, sister in law, daughter, grandmother learning all over again about the God that saved her...Only now I am trying to balance Daniel, Obadiah and Revelations on Wednesday nights.

My that is some BALANCE!!!


Maggie Ann said...

Bible study does enrich us doesn't it! It sounds like you are learning so many interesting things. I like that! I need to get back into my Old Testament reading. I took a break and I wondor if I can remember my stopping place. With my Bible reading I am going through Joni Erickson Tada...I have a feeling that all is mispelled but forgive please, I am so tired...=). Re/your comment to me...you are so right, I love the old-time florals and pictures. Prim and proper...& pretty!

MugwumpMom said...

Your enthusiasm is shining through your post!! I have a couple of Kay Arthur bible studies and yes, she is quite detailed and thorough.
Continue enjoying the Word!

Melli said...

Sandy -- I don't think I have ever met ANYone who enjoys Bible study quite as much as YOU do! LOL! And that is SOME balancing act you've got going on there! You should join the Bible Circus!

on the Rock said...

You go girl!

Lee-ann said...

Sandy --------- a dedication to Bible studies like you have is like a cool drink of fresh water! the more you drink the more you want. Enjoy!

Somehow I know you will fit all you need to do into your day and somehow it will just happen.

Your friend Lee-ann

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Sandy.

I do admire your perseverance with the Old Testament studies. I find, it quite hard going, so reading of your enthusiasm it is very refreshing.

That was an interesting comment you left on my blog about the change in season to autumn not being so evident to you now you live in Savannah. Do you know, I’d never thought about that. Here in UK we experience marked differences between our seasons, so I guessed in US it would be somewhat similar.

Have a good day. Marion

Anonymous said...

I apologise, but you could not paint little bit more in detail.