Friday, September 15, 2006

It is Friday once again!!

Here we are back in Illinois our HOME state. The weather has been just gorgeous!! I have no idea what the temperature is but it is just the BEST EVER!! We have been so HOT in the South EAST for SO LONG now that this is just HEAVEN sent!! The breezes are pleasant and feel so good on your face!!

Yesterday we waited for our daughter's day care children to arrive and our grandchildren to all get off to school. We then took off for Dekalb, Illinois for lunch at STEAK and SHAKE. We do not have these down in the South East much so when we see them we are just
drawn to go and have those tiny french fries and those delicious milkshakes...Ooops there went my diet!! Oh well, I don't like that word anyway!! So who cares!!

After that we visited a little candy shop and then a farmers market. We took two of Julie's daycare boys with us. They are so cute!! Plus they were so GOOD!! That was the most remarkable part of it...GOOD and well behaved!! We came home and just waited until all of the teenagers returned from school. We had to go and pick up our 1st grader, then ran over to another school and
picked up our 13 year old. The older ones came home!! Boys started showing up, phones started ringing and ringing!! Never a dull moment here let me tell you. With 3 pretty teenage girls how could they be!!

This morning everyone was up and going again!! I was about the last up!! I love sleeping so I am taking advantage of that!! I am being a little bit of a MISS DIVA during these few days.

I went back to the CURVES here like I did yesterday!! They have a real nice one here. The people are very friendly. When I go out of town I always go to one. So far I have never found one that I have not liked going to. They have all been fun and I have found some interesting new ideas. This one has weighed hula hoopes that are a lot of fun to do. They are really something for your waist and stomach. They do not work unless you keep your stomach pulled in. I guess you can lose up to 2" in your waist and 4 lbs by using them. I work
ed and worked but I finally got the hang of it. I took a lot of pictures to share with my CURVES owner so that she can see how it is done...What fun they are but the next day you really hurt!!

Tomorrow the guys plus one of my granddaughters are taking off for Chicago to see the Cubs play. My husband is an avid CUBS and BEARS fan!! I think I have said before that he must have came straight out of the womb with a CUBS hat on his little tiny head!! He loves them no matter what they are doing...winning or losing!! Just a die hard fan.

We girls on the other hand, are going SHOPPING!! Yes!!! How much fun will that be!! Tons I hope!! So look for the report on that wonderful fun day!!

I am trying to look in on each and every one of you when I can. I hear something happened to Friday Feast!! Hm...I was expecting to do that today. Hope this is okay for everyone!! Take care...Flip Flop Floozie signing off for now!!


on the Rock said...

What a neat day you had!

MugwumpMom said...

Great day. Almost like one of those activity filled movie montages. I want to go shopping!!!

Susan said...

Are you shopping in Chicago? I LOVE Chicago!!!!!!!!! It sounds like you are having a grand time. I'll pray for the rest of your time there.