Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006
Feast One Hundred & Twelve

Measured in minutes or hours, how much exercise have you had in the last week? I go to Curves about 3-4 times a week so that is about 3 hours and 45 minutes a week!!

If you had to change your blog title to something else, what would it be? I had a hard enough time coming up with this one. I would have to think LONG and HARD on another title. Maybe something with Grandmother in it...Oh something like Grandys Groanings or Grandma's .........OH I have not idea right now!!

Name one television show you watched when you were 9-12 years old. I can only remember The Jackie Gleason Show on Saturday nights. We watched it and after it was finished we got to go eat out. I only watched it when I stayed with my grandmother (MOM) and my step grandfather. We did not have TV at home then.

Main Course
If someone gave you $50 to spend with the one condition that it had to be educational, what would you purchase? Oh easy...I would buy software for my computer. Something like Photo Shop...That is educational to me!! Maybe not to others but it would help me learn how to fix up photos...SEE educational!! tee hee!!

Do you tend to prefer dark colors, neutral shades, or lighter/pastel hues? As far as wearing clothes???? Well with losing weight I love the lighter and happier colores because it seems like all of my life I have worn the darker colors because of my fat b- - - so now I am wanting to wear the lighter colors. In my home I prefer the lighter and happier colors too. I like sunshiny colors like yellows and welcoming colors!!


Susan said...

I definitely think Photoshop would be educational!! And, again, a great BIG HOORAY for you and your weight loss.

:-) Susan

celebrating life and family said...

Great feast. I joined in today:P We were under a tornado watch this evening and in DeKalb the sirens went off. Was shocked to have a tornado watch at the end of September.

Terry said...

Dood Morning Sandy,,,Just heading out to work.
Hope you have a good day.
We are getting a lot of wind here but no where near a torando watch. Please keep safe...Love Terry

Melli said...

You keep eating that appetizer Ms Floozie! You're doing great -- and you'll get UNstuck any minute now!

I used to watch Jackie Gleason on occassion... that's one that I don't remember REALLY well though. (was he the one that used to say "To the MOON, Alice! To the moon!"?)

I think Photo Shop is an excellent way to spend that 50 bucks! It IS educational! It would be educational to ME just to learn HOW TO USE Photo Shop! LOL! Actually... I have PSP, and I'm sure it's similar -- but from what I understand it does sO much MORE!

Great feast Sandy! Enjoyed each course!

Jane said...

I am a little late getting around to your feast but the leftovers were delicious!
I loved the Jackie Gleason Show. I always imagines myself as a June Taylor dancer! Well.....I was just a kid.
Have a great weekend.