Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006
Feast One Hundred & Nine
What are some lyrics you have misheard (such as, instead of "Gettin' Jiggy With It" you heard "Kick a chicken with it")? I cannot for the life of me think of a song right now!! I know there must be one in my head but my head is not letting me remember one now!! Sorry!! My brain is too old for this question. Can I have a new question??? PPPLLLEEAASSEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

What is the worst movie you have ever seen? I know there are a lot and I cannot think of any of the names right now. There was one called, "Hot Shots! Part Deux". I think that is the one that I just walked out of the theatre!! Stupid!! My son and husband stayed!

Using the letters from your favorite number, write a sentence. Example: Tomorrow has really easy experiences. My favorite number is 7...that is the perfect number in the bible!!
Sandy Envies Very Even Noses!!...Now how stupid is that sentence!!

Main Course
What was the most interesting news story you have heard this week? Too bad this question is here because I have not watched the news at all this week except for the weather. I guess I would say that I am glad that Ernesto missed us here in Savannah once again!!

Which word(s) would you choose to describe your wardrobe?

words...smaller...colorful...coordinated...casual...that's about it!!


Wystful1 said...

Mornin' Sandy!
I'm very happy to hear that Ernesto didn't do any damage in your area.

Happy Friday....happy Birthday to Mr. Sandy too!!! LOL

Thanks for the visit today. :o)

Melli said...

Oh, I think your Salad is fabulous!!! LOL! And I would have done the same thing with your soup! Toss it out! Don't waste the calories on something you don't like! (that's my philosophy!)
Your main course was delish! And I'm really looking forward to some of your dessert!!! REAL SOON! i hope...

Susan said...

OK, pardon me for jumping into YOUR feast, but I have to tell you the funniest mix-up of song lyrics I've ever heard. When I was in the 7th grade, Grease was popular. The song, "You're the one that I want" came out. My friend sang the song, "You're the Wizard of Oz"! I still think about that when I hear that song!!

Great post, Sandy!!!!

Lulu said...

Happy September Sandy...HOpe you have a happy and safe weekend..

MugwumpMom said...

Boy, was I out of the loop on vacation...Ernesto? Hope all is well with you.
I enjoyed your Thursday Thirteen..your hubby sleeps like mine does...pillow and zzzzz' annoying!
Enjoy your holiday weekend

Terry said...

Friday Feast Answers


On top of shaghetti,
All covered with cheese,
I lost my poor meatball
When SOMEBODY sneezed!!!


Not the worst movie I have ever seen but the most inappropiate..
On our plane flight back from Calgary, they were showing the film, "Lost in Space"!


Three...Terry has really exspensive electronics...Best Buy and Future Shop... I love going to these stores!!

Main Course

Sept 1..Woman, 72 chases bear out of her kitchen..
Bear claims that her pot roast was too tough to eat anyway..
This really happened...or so the story goes!


My wardrobe?...
Growing out of it way too fast!!

Now Flip Flop..How is that for a Friday Feast,eh?

That pizza looks good enogh to eat!!... Love Terry

Jane said...

Great feast....I'm afraid I did not "prepare" a feast this week. I will have to agree that I cannot think of a song I know the words to either (at least not at the moment!!).
I hope Savannah has better weather today than we do in North Georgia!

Carolyn said...

I didn't do a feast this week -- most of the questions I didn't have an answer for:) Plus -- I was busy trying to make my blog "right". Frustrating!

I'm glad Ernesto missed you. Hurricanes and tornadoes. Both scary things to have to deal with. I've been lucky where tornadoes are concerned.

I'm glad you can "see me now" :) when could you not see it? like last night? or this morning? and was it a "can't see page" message .... or was it loading, but not all of it. I was having some loadin issues, which had to do with where my banner was, I think. Plus, I think was hanging me up as well, because I've seen some other blog entries on other blogs where they have commented is causing problems.

Anyway--- I'm glad to be able to be seen again. Anytime something doesn't look just right, or the page isn't loading, let me know, OK?

Plans for the weekend? I'm working some today (and either work all day, or break it up -- some today, some tomorrow -- so I can play Monday. The plans are for right now, I'm getting to meet a fellow blogger. We've known each other for probably 5 years now. She and her family will be in Topeka, which isn't that far away from here. They are traveling today, so I'm trying to clear my schedule for whatever we decide to do.

Have a great weekend! I'll be around.

Melli said...

LOL! Sandy -- NO awards for me! I'm pretty sure the Holy Trinity reads ALL of our blogs! (I'm nearly positive on this one!) But I DO think one of us should get an award IF one of Them EVER leaves a comment!!! :p

Lee-ann said...

Good morning Sandy,
It is 7.51am on Monday morning here and It is a beautiful day. trust me! you will love it when it arrives lol :o)

I have decided to also do a "my monday memories" I love that idear thanks for sharing it with me.

I enjoyed your friday feast....the desert sounds lovely lol lol