Wednesday, August 02, 2006

  1. "The Devil Wears Prada"....Just saw this one this afternoon!! Cute girly movie about where our relationships home or in the workplace...
  2. "Fun with Dick and Jane"...Crazy movie because of Jim Carrey and his antics.
  3. "Cars"...CUTE!! I loved it and saw it twice because of grandchildren!! SURE!!
  4. "Lake House"...great date movie!!
  5. "Pirates of the Carribbean--DEAD Man's CHEST"..Nothing like a good Johnny Depp movie!! Johnny as Jack Sparrow.... No one does that character quite as well. I would like to see it again. Cannot wait for May for the 3rd one....right wystful 1?
  6. "Ant Bully"...Okay it is all right...I would not go see it again. Took my grandkids...has a good lesson in it.
  7. "Annapolis"...more of a man's movie but has some good looking guys in it!!
  8. "Last Holiday"..Very cute movie...what would you do if you were told you only had a little time left to live? Queen Latifah stars and does a great job..Clean movie too.
  9. "Just like Heaven"!! I liked this one especially!! It stars Reese Witherspoon and Mark it you will love it...It is a CHIC flic but I loved it!!!
  10. "Elizabethtown"...Orlando Bloom is in this one...nice man to look at you know.
  11. "Pride and Prejudice"....I thought I might not like this one, but my daughter (who rarely goes to movies) loved it!! She was right!! Great Love Story that only Jane Austin can tell.
  12. "The Gospel"...I really liked this one too... I ordered it from netflix and almost sent it back because I kept running out of time to watch it. I was really glad that I stuck it in the DVD player and watched it. It is about a prodigal son that comes back to his father and their church just in time. Good movie.
  13. "Click"...What If You Had A Universal Remote... That Controlled Your Universe? Well that is what this flick is watch. It is a movie for everyone...Some cuss words that could have and should have been left "completely out"...You know Adam Sandler!!
HAPPY MOVIE WATCHING TO EVERYONE!!! Since it is too HOT for anything else!!



Praying for your Prodigal said...

Thanks for the movie reviews! I haven't seen a movie for-e-ver! Need to get a movie date on my calendar! I love movies, so does my husband--why do we let these things get away from us.

Oh--and I LOVE your blinkies to my right!


Melli said...

Well... the only one I've seen is Devil Wears Prada - which I thought was fabulous! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm not much of a movie person, so I only see one about once a year! I was satisfied with that being the one! :) I DO love your little TT topper today! TOO cute!!! (and fits well with the flip flop theme...)

(i am no longer a TT'er so you don't need to run over to my place!)

LadyBugCrossing said...

Thanks for that list!
I saw a few of them and we were toying with ant bully. We'll wait for the video and rent it.
Have a good one!

Kimmy said...

First of all... you've changed things since I've been here. I like the flip-flops and the beach scene!

Okay... now to the movies 'cause you KNOW I watch a lot of those ;)

1. I want to see this movie, too. Glad you liked it!

2. LOVED this movie. I think Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni were great together!

3. Jacob and I can't wait to see this movie!

4. Lake House... I do wanna see that. Hope I don't forget about it!

5. LOVE Johnny Depp. He IS Jack Sparrow!! No one could have done him better!

6. Jacob wants to see it.

7. Annapolis... I want to see it because the cover showed 3 HOTTITES ;)

8. Last Holiday... I wanna see this, but it also makes me sad to think about it. Okay... next...

9. Great movie! Mark Ruffalo is such a cutie! And so is Reese! She's so classy for being so young... I say she's young because she's my age ;)

10. Haven't seen, but it's on my list

11. Great movie! I get nervous when they do Jane Austin movies because like you said she tells a great love story and sometimes Hollywood messes that up, but I love this version!

12. The Gospel... haven't heard of it. At least I don't remember if I have. I'm writing it down now!

13. Can't wait to see this movie!

Well, that was long. It's never a shock to me how much I can go on and on and on...

Happy T13!

Wystful1 said...

Mornin' Sandy! Awwwww, how I love movies. And I must agree with you on ALL of them. I haven't seen Gospel tho, and would love to. I've watched Passions of Christ and The Gospel of John (the latter I really enjoyed and want to buy also since we have P O Christ already). And I think that since we agree on so many things that your word that it's good, I will definitely buy it. Or at least rent it for sure.

Glad I'm not the only one that things jury duty is scary. I too think of all the crimes associated with this 'job' and don't want it. Maybe I catastrophize a bit too much, but still...I'm only human.

Happy Thursday...
Wonderful list
P.S. Yep, Memorial Day 2007 -POTC#3

Lazy Daisy said...

I miss watching movies with you. We're watching Failure to Launch this weekend. Keep cool.

Jennifer said...

I want to see DO know that Paula Deen is in that movie, don't you???

YellowRose said...

1. Haven't seen yet...will though!

2. Saw, funny, love Jim Carrey.

3. Haven't seen yet, can you believe it?

4. Want to see, will be date night for hubby and I.

5. LOVED IT! May go see again!

6. No desire.

7. Looks interesting, and hubby wants to see it.

8. Thought this one was cute...we liked it.

9. Loved this movie, I think Reese is a doll!

10. I enjoyed this movie, alot!! I love Orlando, he's a hottie!

11. LOVED IT!!!

12. Haven't seen it, will get it on my Netflix.

13. I LOVED Click!! But I agree, the cussing could have been cut down. This was an amazing movie!

Good list!!

Debbie said...

Hey Floozie! Love your new blog look. Love ya.

Lisa said...

Love the new look! And your list is great. I havent seen a few of those, but the others, I did enjoy very much. I really have to get myself to see the Devil Wears Prada. I have heard its cute, but its hard cause I dont normally like chick flicks! Thanks for sharing. Happy T13

celebrating life and family said...

ihave seen #4,5,9,10, and 13. I really want to see Devil wears prada and i think i have a couple of those on netflix:).Happy T13.

MugwumpMom said...

Thanks for the movie list. I want to see Lake a big Bullock and Reeves fan. Am also a big computer graphics cartoon fan so will definitely go see those...gotta borrow some little kids to take with me though!
My dghtr raves about Annapolis...but suspect it has more to do with the lead actor than the story! LOL.


Greg and Christie said...

I can't remember when I last saw a movie, especially at the theater!!
Guess I need to get with it...

C ~