Thursday, August 10, 2006

SAD NEWS TO POST..........

I received an email this morning that was not one of those that you like getting............

Years ago when Mike and I were first married we lived in a duplex. Next door to us lived another young couple. She was pregnant and due with her first child any time. We had just had our child....a son born that November. I was very young and trying to learn how to care for him. Martha was younger than myself and dreading what was ahead of her.

We became friends because after all when you live in a duplex there is only a wall between you and that is about it!!

The day came for her to give birth in February and little Jimmie was born. She brought him home to our small duplex. Now we had two little baby boys for two young mothers to take care of!!!

One day she banged on the wall wanting me to get over there as fast as I could. I grabbed my baby and ran over. She was a mess, blood everywhere!! We called the ambulance and her husband. They took her to the hosptial. I guess they almost lost her but were able to save her then.

There I was left with 2 baby boys and only 19!! I remember looking at the sink filled with baby bottles all stuck with baby formula. Yuck!! Jimmie did not have a bottle!! Back then (in 1964) you did not just go get a bottle and pour in the formula. You had to wash all of the bottles, rinse them out (they were glass too). Then mix up the formula....fill the bottles put them in a sterilizer...cook them for an hour...then let them set to cool...then they were ready to use!! You had to be really ahead of the game then!! I knew that I was in trouble!!

That was some day!!

I tell you this to also tell you the sad news that this past Monday Martha took her own life!! She has been suffering from MS and according to Bob's email the doctors could not give her enough pain medication and she could not bare the pain anymore!!

She was a good friend, and old friend, with a lot of memories....this just being one of them. I can only imagine what her family, her daughter, Angie, her son, Jimmie, her husband, Bob and her grandchildren are going through right now. I know that I am so upset and feeling so useless. I wish that I had known that she was so miserable. Maybe I could have done something to help her. I would have tried if I had only known. Prayer for the family is all that is left for us!!

Only God has insight into this now. Only He knows !! I know that I will miss her.



Lynn said...

So sorry to hear about this loss. I'll say a prayer for her family tonight and also for you that you might know how best to bring comfort to those she left behind.


Peggy said...

I am truly sorry to read about your friend. And appreciate even more your taking time to leave such a kind comment on my blog. Hugs and prayers for you and your friends family.

Barbara said...

This is so sad! It is hard to receive any bad news, but I am sure this was very unexpected and hard to bear. Prayers go up your way and for her family.

MugwumpMom said...

How tragic and sad. Are you ok?
Yes, I will pray for her family and for you. 2 cents said...

I am so sorry for your friend and for her family! They are in my thoughts and prayers. That is so sad. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers too.

Lee-ann said...

Flip flop, This is a very sad thing when a woman on this fine world of ours cannot get enough help to keep the pain away so much so that she feels she has not other way out. I feel for her very much and those in her family.

But my new friend I feel for you too, I know how upsetting it must be for you but I feel had you known it would not have been any different this dear lady was going through something not many of us understand and if you were there for her you would not hve been able to take away her pain.

I am sure she knows you cared for and loved her very much and has taken that kindness and hope with her.

best wishes to you.

Susan said...

Oh, Sandy, this just broke my heart!! I am praying for this woman's family. May they experience the hand of God on them at this very sad time.

I'm also praying for you, as I know it's heavy on your heart as well.


Melli said...

Oh Sandy... I am so sorry. This is just so sad and really brings me to tears. My brother committed suicide for much the same reasons... he was suffering from nerve damage -- caused by agent orange when he served in Viet Nam. He was only 55, but he was in so much pain he just couldn't take anymore - and the doctors had just given him the news that they really couldn't do anything more for him than what they were. It was just too much.

I honestly believe that God does not hold this against them! He is a forgiving God ... and only he can knOw the pain and suffering they were in.

I am sending prayers for you - and especially for her family. I know the hard time they are having. I am so sO sorry...

LadyBugCrossing said...

Oh Sandy, how truly sad!!!
Our thoughts and prayers are with you!