Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Recipe for a Happy Day


1 cup friendly words
2 heaping cups of understanding
4 heaping teaspoons of time and patience
A pinch of warm personality

A dash of humor

Measure words carefully: add heaping cups of understanding using generous amounts of time and patience; cook with gas on front burner; keep temperature low -- DO NOT BOIL. Add a dash of humor and a pinch of warm personality; season to taste with Spice of Life; serve in individual molds.


Maggie Ann said...

Thats a sweet recipe! Is it hard to make? (just kidding) =)... Wishing you a tranquil & blessed Sunday!

LadyBugCrossing said...

Love it!

Terry said...

Dear Flip Flop...This recipe sounds just like a nice girl I have met in the last couple of weeks...Her name is Sandy!!!...Love Terry

Melli said...

YUM! Can you make this with Low Fat Understanding and sugar free patience?

Wystful1 said...

The recipe sounds great. I'm gonna try it!! I'll let you know (if I remember to do so) how it comes out.

Now, I just saw your blog comment you left me.....

regarding the question. I checked with the blogger status page and there's a it should be 'fixed' and you will again be able to post soon. When we sign up for Blogger you're allowed 300MB...yes, 300!!! So, no need to panic. Read it here about the problem like you're having today. :o)

Wystful1 said...

Hubby tells me that the 'humor' is the best part of the recipe...and since I 'cook' with that a lot....a dash here, and a dash there...the recipe will work like a charm!!!!!!!!! *wink*