Friday, August 18, 2006


I wanted to write tonight to THANK MY FRIEND MELLI for thinking of me!!

Today I was rushing around like I have been doing this WHOLE week and the door bell rang. I ran down our 14 steps to the front door. The mail lady had left a package at my front door. I am always excited to get a package. I grabbed it up and ran back up those "14" steps to open it. I looked at the front and saw it was from Melli!! WOW Melli!! She had told me that she was sending me something!! I guess I was not "completely" surprised!!

I peeked inside the box and saw a small box like a jewerly box and it in was a sun catcher flip flop with the cutest saying it, "You make me Smile". I was so happy with that!! Then I saw a big package all wrapped up in bubble wrap!! WHOPPEE!! More fun coming!!

I had been rushing off to my weekly bible study with my friend Susan, so I thought I would grab all my stuff and take my great present and let her have fun seeing what I got too!!

When I got to her house we got to share it. I opened it up and there was the beautiful gift.(picture at top of this blog) Melli had made this all for me!! I was so thrilled and you know actuallysom kind of humbled by this gift that Melli had thought to make just for ME!! I love a gift that someone makes!! It means that they are thinking just of YOU and YOU only!! How sweet.

I just felt like I had to let everyone in "blogland" know how happy this makes me...Thanks are just a very SPECIAL PERSON TO ME AT LEAST!!!


Melli said...

*blush* Awwwwww... gosh! Now you've embarassed me... But you ARE sO welcome! Like I said... I saw those flip-flops at Krysti's ceramic shop and they just HOLLARED to come live with you! I really AM glad you like it!!! That makes ME very happy! :)

LadyBugCrossing said...

You are definitely a special lady! Those things she sent are the best!! - I have to admit, every time I see flip flops I think of you and MommaK (from Petroville).

on the Rock said...

it's darling!

Jennifer said...

Melli did good! How precious!!!!
I have to say that every time I see flip-flops, I think of you too :)