Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Casey, Danielle and Benjamin...

I am not at home today but am sitting for the sweet little Roberts babies this morning!!

Mommy and Daddy had to take Casey to find out the result of a MRI and the oldest, Miss Ashley to play with a friend. That leaves me with two little ones. They are fed and down for a nap!!

It is quiet here...very quiet...since that is where I am now I thought I would take this opportunity and blog!!

I had Benjamin and Danielle on the floor a bit ago playing with them. I looked down into their faces and was thinking just how far they have came since last November 4th, 2005. We prayed for them and prayed for them just to live. Now here they are rolling all over the floor, grabbing at toys, laughing and having a good ole' time.

Have you ever just looked closely into a baby's face? They have such beautiful faces! Their skin is so beautiful, smooth, clear and gorgeous. Their smiles come from such a genuine and trusting heart!! They only know you as the one that is here to take care of all of their needs.

I was looking at Benjamin this morning and thinking that he was simply beautiful. I was also thinking what a gorgeous man he is going to be one day!!

For those of you that know me really well you know that I am hardly ever attracted to a baby boy (except for my son of course). I just go directly for those girls!! But this little boy has just somehow taken my heart !! He is just adorable. He has long eyelashes and a smile that just seems to break my heart in pieces (just like he is going to do to some young lady one day).

Babies are just the greatest creation!! I will never get over the feeling of picking one up and just holding them against your breast!! It is just a feeling that cannot be described. They love you no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, no matter what your color, no matter what your size...they just love you!! What a lesson for all of us!

Benjamin also is going to have his mommy curly hair...what a blessing..but then there is Danielle with the straight hair...so unfair!!

I am thrilled that I have the ability to come and help out for as long as I can. They have helped me too. I have learned about a family and 3 little babies that simply will not give up.

Please continue to pray for Danielle. Her little brain is only half there but I still believe in miracles!! I still believe that God can heal her...and as I said before he made her...RIGHT???

I am not home so I cannot post any pictures with this blog. I will add some later...



Lazy Daisy said...

Give those babies a hug for me too.

Terry said...

Good morning Sandy..

I have to work today at 6 until tomorow at 2 in the afternoon so I won't be a at my computer..

What a nice day you are going to have looking after those little ones.
That little boy sounds like a real cutie..
I just looked up the meaning of his name.
"Benjamin" means "Son of my Right Hand"
I think that makes him a pretty special young man.

I never knew about Danielle but I will pray for her too Flip Flop. She sounds pretty special too.

I hope that everything will be good for you the next couple of days and I will check in on you tomorrow
There is no computer where I am going to.
I am going to Katy's.
Loaded with my camera!!
Love Terry

Melli said...

They really are some sweet little people! And I'm with ya -- what's NOT to love about a baby? They are perfect!

Terry said...

Oh boy!! Are they ever cute!!
I didn't know that they were triplets!
You can give them all a kiss from me..the Canadian Blogger!! Love Terry


Danielle...God is my judge

Ashley...a meadow

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

For those of you who do not know. These babies were quads and their little sister passed away. They are not considered triplets either just three babies all born at the same time.

Flip Flop

on the Rock said...

Can I have one? They're too cute! God bless them.

on the Rock said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm a friend of Terry's, and I thought it was so neat to find this picture last night. My Mom stumbled upon the Robert's baby site a couple of months ago, and has kept track of them even though we don't know them. I thought it was so strange that now, through Terry, we know someone that knows them! :) They're so cute!! Thanks for sharing!