Sunday, July 23, 2006


I was lazy again this morning. Today is the day that my hubby returns from Promise Keepers!! I hope that he had a GREAT time and was able to relax and forget about work and the things that always keep him hopping here at home. I am to go to church and pick him up this afternoon!!

I posted this picture thinking that it might just make all of us feel just a little bit cooler!! Does anyone feel a little bit of icicles hanging on your front porch...maybe you can visualize a little bit of snow coming down....well hey forget that I was just trying...Now back to the HEAT!!!

I got up and had my bible study with Beth Moore this morning. She is always so energetic!! I expect she must come down sometime during the day though!! Just like all us do!!

I recommend that you go to see a great site today that will warm your heart about prayer. Just go to see Mugwumpmom. She has some very wise words for everyone today!! Just follow this link that I have left and enjoy her great words. Also remember that she has been nominated for the summer blogs and would love your nomination. I will be telling you more about that later on. There are some others that need to be voted for also.

We have been "told" here in our communist (community) OH did I say a wrong word!! That we are to water only on Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays now!! I am not too happy with our association (I like to call it our assasination)!! I just finished watering my plants outside. They were certainly very thirsty!! I would be too if I had to try to stand up in this never ending heat.

I talked to my parents yesterday in Surprise, Arizona and they are certainly getting themselves a "BIG SURPRISE" since they moved there June 1st of this year!! It has been in the triple digits for them every day!! They have to stay inside and it is about to drive them NUTS!! I can only imagine that!! I would HATE having to stay inside all of the time. I guess I would just have to go out anyway!! Their heat is just overwhelming. It is like stepping into an oven. Guess you would know what it would be like to be a cake baking!! I guess I will stay with the humidity!!

Well, my friends stay well. Those of you that are in church this morning I hope that you learned a lot like I did last night. We learned about the Holy Spirit and how he is in us if we know the Lord Jesus as our personal Savior. Our pastor was great like always. We are so privledged to have such a wonderful church. Plus we have the freedom to worship as we please!! What a blessing.



Anonymous said...

Yes and it is staying hot here today and probably all this coming week. They keep telling us it will last for sometime to come, not sure I like this kind of weather, just hope the winter is nice enough this will all be worth us moving here. If not guess it is too late now.
No fun staying inside day in and day out, maybe we can get out this next week and see people. Church was good today, just having to get in the hot sun makes it bad. Like your blog. love Mother

Disciple Quilldancer said...

Tell your mom and dad that the best way to deal with the dry heat is to make certain you stay hydrated with WATER -- not pop, coffee, soda, juice, etc. I learned that the hard way shortly after I moved to Vegas and had to be scraped up off a sidewalk.

As to our religious freedom -- amen and thank you, God.

Maggie Ann said...

Good try with that winter picture....almost for a second I thought I could remember the snow..grin. I like your new template.

Melli said...

LOL! I gotta tell ya ... I had actually gone over to that Blogs Of Summer site and I could not for the LIFE of me figure out HOW to nominate anyone. I went ahead and made a list of blogs I WANTED to nominate, and went back over there yesterday and STILL couldn't figure out how to nominate them! There was no "form" -- nor even any way to leave a "comment" - which was what they said to do... I finally gave up and took their graphic off my page. I was frustrated ...

I am going to go over and visit Mugwumpmom though!

Lots of folks are starting to fall into that "drought" category now. We went through that a few summers... of course, when they put the ban on US it didn't really affect "us" because we have well water and not city water. But we still followed it because NOT following it would just lower the water table even more and make it harder for everyone. It's NOT fun though! We've had more rain this summer than we have had in years ... and still all my flowers out back are dead dead dead! They get full sun from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm and they just can't handle it ... not even the succulents ... not even with watering! It's sad...

Hope Hubby enjoyed Promise Keepers too! Do tell! And Happy Sunday to YOU, my friend!

MugwumpMom said...

That pic of the snow has me drooling!!! It's too hot!
Church today was nice, but bittersweet. My cousin is moving away up north, so the church had a prayer time send off, and it was all very happy/sad at the same time.
Hope you hubby enjoyed Promise Keepers. Enjoy your evening and thank you so much for the encouragement about my post. I truly appreciate it.

Mama Duck said...

Ha, I love the photo, I miss the snow!!

Wystful1 said... snow!!! Remember I lived in the foothills of Colorado for 40+ years with snow on the ground from September to April the following year!! Nope, nope nope. Not for me. I'll take 100 degrees plus before I set foot in a snowy land again.

(But, since it's in a photo it's okay LOLOLOLOLOL)

YellowRose said...

Like the new look here!!!

I am sooooo ready for Fall to get here! I'm tired of this heat!!

Have a great week!