Saturday, July 29, 2006


Last night as I lay in bed wondering why sleep was not coming I kept seeing a huge green field. It was very big with green grass that seemed to go on for miles and miles. The grass was thick and soft to the touch. Just the kind of grass that you could lay down in and sink.

Trees were at the end of this big, wide field of green grass but they seemed to be far, far away. They were so far away that if you tried to run you would never get to them. I remember thinking that I wanted to run and run and run. I did and when I ran nothing hurt.

The breeze ran through my hair and hit my face. It was warm and the sun felt so good. Not hot just pleasant and comforting. I even whirled around in circles around and around and around just like a kid again!! My legs worked so naturally just like I was about 8 again.

I ran and then laid down in that soft grass. Laying still hearing my heart beat and beat....As I lay there it finally slowed down. Looking up at the white clouds was like something I had never done before. The birds were singing and all was just well with my world.

The clouds were all white, fluffy and you could make out fun things in their shapes.

The grass was so comfortable to be laying in. So pleasant with no bugs or anything that would bite or cause you any discomfort at all. I could have laid there forever. Soft, happy, content and ready to sleep.....


Connie and Rob said...

Oh I wish I could have a lovely dream like yours...hope you finally went to sleep.

Take care,

My photo is up.

Rosa said...

That sounds like heaven. Glad you finally fell asleep!

Melli said...

Well... if I WASN'T asleep, that sure would put me to sleep! I can even smell it! Mmmmmm...

Wystful1 said...

Wow...this is ONE awesome blog today.

Happy Sunday Sandy.

Happy0303 said...

I wonder what it all means? Maybe that you're feeling relaxed and at peace?

Here via Wendy's casting call again!