Friday, July 21, 2006

Did you ever hear that song, "I'm a nut, I'm a nut, I'm Crazy"....Well that is a perfect song for me right now!! I just had a WHOLE blog all written and edited and ready to publish!! I thought it sounded okay even!!

My mother came on Instant Messenger and I was talking to her (now this is NOT her fault at all)!! I was fooling around and guess what!! I forgot to save it!!....remember..."I'm a nut, I'm a nut, I'm Crazy!!" That is me right now!!

Well so here we go again...Wonder how much I can remember !! Since most of the time I cannot remember what some small items of equipment are called!!! NUTS!!! Me!!!


I got up later than usual this morning so had to run out the door quickly with a bottle of green tea in one hand and a granola bar in the other. This is my breakfast on my CURVES days when I oversleep!! Such was this morning. My hubby was home because he was getting ready to go to Promise Keepers for the weekend.

I love going early because that is when all of my friends go and they are all such goofs just like me so we have fun while we are losing tons and tons of weight (you know)!! Most of us were very tired today. We have a new machine now that is supposed to help you with your stomach. What well matured woman does not have a problem in that area of her well matured body? It is extremely hard to pull though. It takes some oh not so "girly grunts" for me to pull that dog gone thing back and forth. I am just hoping that in the future I can see some good results from that heavy monster.

Say, as far as losing weight goes...we have some other blogging friends that are doing great lately. I would like to give a high FIVE to one of them in particular....Everyone give miss Melli a BIG HIGH FIVE!! She deserves it!! She has been going to Curves just like me and it is working for her...just like me!! I am very proud of her. Plus I will not leave out my bestest friend, Lazy Daisy who by the way introduced me to this addicting thing called blogging. She is losing weight also. She has also lost her taste buds, so she says but hey she is losing weight. You feel so good when you finally are doing something good and wonderful for yourself. You should see this ole' 61 year olds skin. I think that the cottage cheese carton just fell on my legs!! UGH!! Yes it is ugly but I am still trying and I will SUCCEED!!!

After Curves I came home and did a little bible study. My husband was ready to be taken to church. Off to our church we go....I dropped him off wishing him a happy time at Promise Keepers!! Boy, I just hope that he has a good time. Men need to get out more and have a fun time. The word fun is not in my hubby's least I am not sure that it is. His idea of fun is laying in the chair and sleeping, watching a ball game on TV (if it is the Cubs he is usually watching them lose), he does not like the water so that is no "fun" for him, he loves his Corvette but it needs a WHOLE lot of see he does not really know that word FUN!! I am so hoping that he meets some new guys and makes some new friends.

Now women on the other hand....Women we love things like this. We get to go and have a good time. We meet new women and form bonds, meet new friends and come home with great stories to tell. Usually there is no one to tell them too but we have great memories anyway!! I wish that men had more time to do things like this. My man just works way too much. He needs to enjoy life more!!

You need to read another one of my blogging friends that wrote about men the other day. Her name is can see what got us together!! Plus after reading her profile I found out that she is from my home state!! Small world you say!! Yeap it is!! She is just a young one but she has the male/female thingy all figured out...She is well ahead of the game already!!

I hope that you like my new blog too!! Another blogging friend has been helping me!! So many of you are so smart and talented!! I just wish I was that good!! I am so pleased with the way it looks and I want to do more to it too. I want to thank Carolyn for all of her help!! She is great plus she has a great blog too.

Well, guess I will go put a movie in and take it easy. Seems like I am on vacation since I don't have to think about suppertime or any thing like that tonight. I do know the final episode of 24 (we are 24 junkies here) is on tonight at 8:00 est. I missed the final one because I was in Illinois visiting with my parents. I plan to get into jammies and watch that!! I just love that Jack Bauer!!!

I need to get to each of your sites. I am very behind today...Take care and have a great weekend.

Flip Flop Floozie!!!!


Wystful1 said...

HI!! I just got home for the day....I've been out since about 9 or so, and really need to shower and relax for the rest of the day.

Thanks for the visit earlier this afternoon! AND!!!------want to tell you I just LOVE the look of your new blog!!!

It's awesome Sandy, really.

Melli said...

Well, first -- thank you sO much for the mention and the praise! I sure do love to hear it and it sure does help to keep me going! (i get weighed and measured on monday -- can't wait to see how my inches are this month!) AND I like to add my two cents to CONGRATULATE Lazy Daisy too! Her weight loss blog is cracking me up! She's a pip, that one! And she is doing GREAT on her new program!

Next... I want to tell you that I LOVE your new look! Your new graphics are cute! I want to make some changes over at MY blog too... but I haven't figured out how to work with this blog language! It's driving me NUTS cuz I'm really GOOD with html and have always coded all my own web pages! I'm feeling really DUMB about these darn blog sets!

I'm sO happy to hear your hubby goes to Promise Keepers! That is such an excellent organization for men... and you know what? I've never met a man that attends those meetings that I didn't LIKE! They all seem to be really good, caring, hard working men who are wonderful husbands and fathers. YAY for him! But it was really funny (to me) that you brought this subject up today -- because I was JUST thinking this morning that they need to make a "Curves" for men! Not exactly "Curves" ... but something! Well... I think I'll blog it tomorrow! My ideas about this. But I found it funny that we were both thinking on the same lines today! :)

And by the way... I was just here about 2-3 hours ago and this post wasn't here yet! LOL!

celebrating life and family said...

love your new look mom:) Enjoy your weekend by yourself. I know we are going to enjoy our time off. I already got to go to town today and grocery shop and get brie's plate for her new car.Know that sounds silly but i don't get to get out of the house w/ all the kids here:P.Enjoy your new blog!!!!

Lazy Daisy said...

Woo're a grrrl genius! Love the new look! Thanks for the shout out! Good idea to get Carolyn to help you, I have a hard time trying to figure out which one of her skins I like the best.

Good for Mike for going to Promise Keepers. I didn't get to go to Women of Faith this week since we have the SCC team here.

We got out 30,000 pounds of clothing yesterday. Bet they slept well last night!

LadyBugCrossing said...

Love your new look!!
Don't cha hate it when you forget to save? I do that all the time!

Penrick said...

I thought I wanted a new template, so I changed it and accidentally saved it instead of previewing. I changed it back and all my links and archives were missing. It was a long night, but I finally put it all back together.