Thursday, June 29, 2006

Our Wednesday Trip to the Savannah Tea Room
I have desperately been trying to think of fun things that my granddaughter would like to do while she has been visiting here in Savannah with us. This past Wednesday we decided to take her to my favorite place...The Tea Room.
My daughter Becky had a friend and her mother come in from Florida so we all went!!
The picture shows Emily sitting next to my daughter, Becky by the pretty hutch. Becky's friend and her mother are the other two in the picture.
Emily had never been to a Tea Room before and had absolutely no idea what it was. But she soon found out!! We ordered my favorite tea, "Emperor's Bride". Emily really liked it. She is always cold so that warmed her right up!!!
We ordered our lunch and it was very good as usual. Emily was not very fond of our chilled carrot soup but I guess that is something that you just have to learn to like. We all loved it but her of course.
Sitting and talking is another one of the perks of a tea room too. We had a really nice time chatting and getting all of our talking in. What a fun day that was!! More Memories!!
Afterwards, Emily and I took a trolley tour of Savannah. It was really HOT but we had a good time.
Now it is about time for her to leave. I sure do hate to see her go. We have had a great time. Granddaughters are a great JOY. I have several others and I want to do these same things with all of them....Grandpa is going to have to keep working a little while longer it looks like!! smile!!!


Wystful1 said...

so jealous. How I long for a granddaughter. And she is BEAUTIFUL!!!

What a glorious day you all had.

Sharon K said...

It is such fun haveing tea with the grandchildren. It makes me think of pictures I have that would be a fun post some time. Have fun and enjoy.........

Melli said...

Awwwwww... that is GREAT! I give Emily kudos for even TRYING the cold carrot soup! My kids wouldn't do that! They would "eeeewwwwww" it before they even SAW it! And my youngest daughter would probably try the tea ... but would poo poo that too!

Your Emily is a doll baby! Very very cute -- and looks like she's a real sweety!

Anonymous said...

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