Sunday, June 04, 2006


It is finally Sunday night and I am clicking off the days and the hours until that plane comes into our airport here and I can get on it and land on my own turf in my state of Georgia!! I have been gone almost 3 weeks now and that is just TOO long for me to be away from my hubby and my home!! I am really homesick!! I need to be home!!

I have been able to see many old friends and have received many, many hugs and have found out where their lives have been going or not going. I have also found out that my home is really in Georgia!! It is funny how you can live so long in one state and then move. You wonder how long it will take you to make that state your home and then finally one day you wake up and realize that you are home finally!! That is what I have found out. This trip has helped me a lot.

Moving my parents has really been an experience!! It has been something helping them pack up things that they have had for 62 years of their lives. I now have all of the genelogy and all of the pictures going back generations in my family. I am the keeper of the generations now. Soon I will be handing all of that down to my daughters. How soon that all happens!! Too Soon!!

It was so odd asking my 88 year old Dad for the car keys. Did you ever think that you would be 61 and be asking your father for the car keys? Well I never thought so...but I did!! When my brother came, he and I got in the car and Dad drove, Mother sat in the front seat like always. My brother got in the back seat right where he used to sit and I got on my side. Mother turned around and said, "Don't you two fight!" I looked at her and said, " I am way too tired too!" We had fun just the four of us again!!! I know that is probably never going to happen again. Long ago memories visited once again and like I said....probably for the last and final time. Final....what a word!!

My parents are now in Arizona and by tomorrow at this time will be settled in their new mobile home in a retirement park and will be starting on a new adventure of their own!! I am just hoping that if God grants that I live that long that I can have those great adventures too.

Take care everyone until your next great adventure begins for you......................................


Lazy Daisy said...

You definitely need to come home little one. Glad things went well for you and your folks. Miss you!

Beckie said...

Hi Flip Flop. Glad things are working out so well for your parents. It's hard to change living arrangements when we get older. Keep us posted on their progress. Hope you have a safe trip home. God bless!

celebrating life and family said...

Let me know when you get home mom. Emily made it off safely to Washington D.C. Will let you know how she is doing on the trip. Julie