Sunday, June 18, 2006


Flesors's Kandy Kitchen!!

When I was young and grew up in our small town in Illinois, we used to visit a little place where you could get a good ice cream soda or my very favorite homemade candy (maple candy!!). Over the years the owner past away and the building was not kept up.
Finally, the owners of the building took it upon themselves to remodel the building. It had to look exactly as it had looked all those years before. I was so glad when I heard that it was being done.

I was just back there a few weeks ago and took several pictures. It looks just great plus I got a free maple was so sweet in my mouth...yummy!!!!
Gus Flesor came over from Greece in 1901 and found the small town of Tuscola to start his business. He knew how to make candies, a trade that he had learned in Chicago.
I remember Gus really well and when I walked into the Kandy Kitchen I could almost see him standing behind the counter. He would sometimes give my brother and I a piece of can
dy or a pieced of Juicy Fruit gum. The girls there say now that some people say they still see him there. I guess that I would not be surprised!!!
It was like walking back in time to be there. My dad said that when he was young he would go in and have a big cho
colate soda. He was so little that he could hardly reach the counter when he sat on the stools. Now Dad is almost 88!! When we were there we had to have THAT chocolate soda!!
I think that he really enjoyed it too!! He does not smile much but he is smiling here
If you would like to see a little bit more on the Kandy Kitchen you can see in on the link that I have provided here. It is interesting how Gus came from Greece and started a small business that so many of us remember. I hope that you have enjoyed a "sweet taste" of my Monday Memories today!! I know that I really enjoyed that maple candy...Yum!!


Jennifer said...

I loved the picture of your Dad and his chocolate soda!! How sweet!!!!!!!!!!

LadyBugCrossing said...

My dad has a sweet tooth, too!

Lazy Daisy said...

Ah, what a sweet memory! It's nice to see your dad smile.

Melli said...

Awesome memory Sandy! We had a little place "sorta" like that too -- it was a drug store though - but they had a soda fountain and homemade icecream... and my favorite was a Turtle Sundae! Ohhhhh my goodness... I can taste it now! Mmmmm... This sure WAS a sweet memory! And that picture of your dad is sO cute!

craziequeen said...

It's my first visit to you, I think, FFF. Do you prefer Flip-Flop, or just Floozie?? :-)

I love your memory - so sweet! The picture of your dad and THAT chocolate soda is fabulous!

My MM is up!


YellowRose said...

Yummy!! I love little places like that! And that smile on your dad's face tells it all, doesn't it? Love it!! Great memory!

Maggie Ann said...

Oh yes, I have enjoyed your visit down memory lane and the picture of your Dad is so special. The candy shop sounds wonderful. My hubby brought me home some glasses that resemble the one your Dad's ice cream is in only not quite so large I think. I've been making root beer floats in them. They so remind me of a soda shop.