Thursday, June 22, 2006

(graphics compliments of Yellow Rose...)


1. Just having a teenager around makes you remember what it was like being young!! (never want to go back there again)
2. I get to stay up late and sleep late in the morning (just like when I was a teenager)
3. I play and no work.
4. We go to movies
5. We get our nails done together...more fun having someone to do things together with!!!
6. We get to visit all kinds of stores because she has not seen these new stores and I just HAVE take her to visit each and every one of them..RIGHT???
7. Off to the beach. We have not done that yet...but soon...I can promise you that!!
8. Planning a trip to the Tea Room..Yes another granddaughter is here...remember?
9. SHE IS HERE!! I never get to see her...GREAT just having her around!!
10. Scrapbooking...soon her aunt and I are going to be sitting down and showing her some of our tricks...mostly her aunt's tricks since she is better at scrapbooking!!
11. Getting to see her be around my other two grandchildren. They do not get to see her much either...did I mention she lives about 1000 miles away from us!! Yeap pretty far away!!
12. Getting to show her off too...She is beautiful, smart and popular!! My hubby and I only make beautiful, smart and popular grandchildren!! smile!!
13. Sitting down and talking, sharing things and just having fun listening. Such fun hearing what teenagers do!! Some things change but some things stay the same even though years and years have past between us. We will always be the same...Families remain the same!!!


Lazy Daisy said...

Love your header...did you do that? Sounds like you are having a great time together.

Wystful1 said...

I LOVE the flipflop 13 header you used! Wow.

And #6....yes!!!! I can relate to that one for sure.

Happy Thursday

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I put under the header that Yellow Rose did the header for me..In fact she sent me several..She is so clever. I could never do that!!!

Beckie said...

Hi Sandy. Thanks for visiting my ThT. I can hardly wait for my first grandchild to get here.

Yellow Rose did an excellent job on your header!

God bless!

YellowRose said...

Thanks for the kudos on the header! Glad you like it!

It sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your granddaughter! It's fun doing all those "girly" things!

Happy Thursday!

Becki said...

First off i love the name of your blog.. Second i am gonna have to come back other then TT.. Third it sounds like you are having a blast with your gradndaughter. Enjoy it

Saija said...

you young energetic granny! :o) can she keep up wiwth you?????

HORIZON said...

Nice list there.
Agree strongly with first one -lol- have two teenagers (17,16) and a 4year old- the youngest is the easiest!
I wouldn't want to be a teenager again - it's hard enough being a parent to them. :)
Glad your enjoying time with your Granddaughter and thank you for dropping by my blogsite.
Please visit again.

Melli said...

I knew you would be enjoying that young lady! Teenagers are WONDERFUL people! I live with 3 of them ... I should know!

Norma said...

How lucky you are. I have no grandchildren.

My TT is up with a scrolling link across the page.