Friday, May 12, 2006


Yeap today is Friday!! I got up early again and took off for CURVES so that I could get my workout in for the day and be ready for all the running that I knew I had to do today.

I am soon leaving to go to my grandson's tea at his preschool. I am taking my camera. I asked him about it and well, he being only 5 was not very impressed about it. If it were my granddaughter, now that would be different. She would be all excited!! There is just something about a TEA and a grandson that just do not seem to go together.

Soon I will be leaving for Illinois. I still have so much to do. Each and every day has had a plan of its own. Today is not different. I have running to do after I finish with my tea. I received a new upgraded cell phone yesterday so I need to stop by and get it going correctly. I have to get the oil in the car changed. I need to stop by the doctor and pick up a prescription. See just a bunch of running. I have also been asked by my daughter to pick up my granddaughter after school. That means I need to be home by 2:30 to get that somewhere in there I have to get my washing done. Hubby said he was on his LAST work shirt. I wonder how he is going to survive with me being gone for 3 weeks? HMMM!!

I am glad to hear that Lazy Daisy and Mr. Wonderful made it to New York to see their youngest graduate from college. What an accompolishment!! Congrats to Suzi!!

Guess I had better start the "running process".....Have a great Friday everyone!!!!

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YellowRose said...

Just getting ready for a trip take so much preparing doesn't it?

So how did your workout go?