Monday, May 15, 2006


  1. I have tons more self-esteem!!!
  2. Exercise makes me feel great! (except when you get on a new machine and pull a muscle) Ouch!!
  3. My clothes fit so MUCH better! (WOW)
  4. I love those compliments...who would'nt! Thank-you!! Thank-you!!
  5. I love buying smaller clothes....YES!! I just went to a size 16 jeans....dreams can happen!!! 14's look out.....
  6. I have made new friends at CURVES...they are so sweet and we all have the same goals!
  7. I am starting to get to go BACK into the MISSES side and leave that WOMENS side alone!
  8. My life is just happier now!
  9. Water is good!
  10. Soda is NOT!
  11. I feel so much better!!
  12. I am doing a great thing for my body and for my life! (My husband thinks it is great too)
  13. I Love going from one size to the next. I just went down two sizes!! I really love losing weight!!
    You can do it too...anyone can if I can......have a great day!!!

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