Tuesday, May 09, 2006


This was my LAST day as a MENTOR MOM at MOPS!! I got up this morning realizing that simple fact. My last day...golly...a little bittersweet!! I have been praying about this for the last 2 years knowing that soon it would be time for me to step down and let someone else fill in.

I had prepared a personal note to each woman on our steering. I wanted each one to know just how much I appreciated them. I had to bake a couple of loafs of sweet bread to take. I also had to dress in something that resembled Hawaiian because we were promoting our Hawaiian theme for an upcoming event. With all of that I was busy getting everything ready and trying to keep myself busy.

I arrived at church and noticed that none of the other steering team members had remembered to do their Hawaiian dress thing. Here I am with a big flower behind my ear and everyone is wondering what is wrong with this silly ole' MENTOR MOM!! Finally our co-ordinator comes in dressed like we were supposed to be dressed!! She had a bunch of brightly colored fake flowers that we wore around our necks!! Finally people were starting to look like me now!!

We had a great meeting with our elementary pastor showing us how they teach our young children about accepting Jesus as Savior. What a way to show young children!! My young granddaughter is in that program!! I am so thankful!!

After that they brought both myself and my other friend and fellow MENTOR MOM up front and presented us with a beautiful gardenia plant and a card with everyone's signature and some sweet notes written on it. Both my friend and I were very touched (to say the least). There were a few tears shed too!! If you know me at all there were tears!! We had Moms lined up to give us hugs and there were more tears in everyones eyes then too. What a way to end a great 5 years in a wonderful ministry!!

If you attend a church you should check to see if your church has a MOPS ministry. There are so many young women who need this in their lives. Believe me I have seen this for myself. I know just how much they need it. I am so thankful to say that I have been a part of a great ministry that is helping so many young moms keep their sanity in a time where losing it seems like a reality!!

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Jennifer said...

It sounds like you had a great day. I know you will miss them and they will miss you too!!
I wish we had something like that here. I could definitely use it. Perhaps I need to look into starting a group like that :)!