Sunday, May 14, 2006


Today all across the world eveyone is celebrating Mother's Day. I thougth I would share a picture of my Mother. I think this is a very good one of her. She is sitting at her kitchen table. She may not think it is a good one...but I do!!

She had me while my dad was off fighting in WWII. Raising a small baby by yourself has to be very hard. I try to understand what that might be like but I cannot really understand. I have always had my wonderful husband right here beside me. I have been very fortunate and I know it.

After my dad came back from the war they finally settled in as tenant farmers. My brother was born soon after that in 1948. Things were never easy for either of my parents and I know that my mother gave up a lot for my brother and I. I thought that everyone had clothes that were made on a sewing machine.

We were raised in the country with nothing really to play with but our own imaginations. Mother would wash in the smoke house and then hang the clothes on the line outside until her hands were beet red in the winter time. When she could just no longer stand it, they were hung all over the house. My brother and I would run through the house with clothes hung everywhere. I am sure she was yelling all the time not to knock them down.

Mother always had milk and cookies or something good like that after school when we would get off of the bus. Man were those good after a long day at school. I kept that practice up with my kids!!

Mother, thanks for all the memories. I hope that this new season of your life is going to be as happy and as fulfilling as all of the past seasons that you have experienced. Things are going to get better!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Love Your Oldest!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sandy love your blog for today, that is quite a nice piece from a daughter on Mothers Day. Just glad you belong to me and not some other Mother, I was really blessed that God gave you to me. You are so sweet and I love you so much. love your Mother

YellowRose said...

What a sweet tribute to your mother Sandy! I love that she saw it too!!

Happy Mother's day to you!

Wystful1 said...

that brings tears to my eyes....MOTHER'S are grand!!!

Hope your day was a good one for you.