Monday, April 03, 2006


I just thought of a Monday Memory by reading one of my favorite (among many of you great bloggers) this morning. Lady Bug talked about her pregnant mother being hit by a "loaded" pidgeon right on the head. That made me think about one time when my parents and our family went to Six Flags in Missouri for a fun time together!! smile!!

We were having a good time when my 'dear husband' decided to get on the overhead ride that takes you from one ride to the other. He wanted to go to ride on a big roller coaster and well the rest of us did not really want to go (wonder why--up chuck probably)!!

As he was coming over the top of us he looked down on us and I could tell he was going to do something. Out of his mouth came a big WAD of spit ( you know men how they think that is a great thing to do--why I have never figured out yet). He was definitely aiming at me!! The air caught that big ole' WAD and it hit my mother!! You know the jokes about Mother-in-law's. Well he got his quite well that day!!

It was really funny!! I don't think he was very happy about it though!! Mother has never let him forget it!!

Another time we were all playing basketball and he hit her in the head and almost knocked her out!! GUESS he is really after his mother-in-law!!

In July Mother will be a "Young 82 years old" and can still keep up with her younger son-in-law!! Neither one of them want to do anything mean to the other anymore I am sure!! But fun was had ONCE UPON A TIME!!


Lazy Daisy said...

Good Memory...really juicy (sorry couldn't contain myself.) My MM is up too!

YellowRose said...

ROFLOL...what a memory!! Mine is up!

Bonnie said...

HI Sandy,
Don't know if this will go but I'm trying. I really enjoyed about "getting old". Never read that before & sooooo true. Just wanted to say "hi". Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Sandy enjoyed the one about your wonderful husband spitting on me of all people, "His Mother In Law", shame on you Mike. I will always remember how badly he has treated me.ha. Anything I do to you Mike, you will have coming to you. Love you anyway. Jeri

Barbara said...

That's funny, something he'll never live down. Thanks for sharing it.

Libragirl said...

I would have killed him. After I threw up. And no, I would never let him live it down....
You Take out the trash,
Him later
You. Remember the time you spit on my mother.
him. Yes dear.