Sunday, April 16, 2006


I have to come up with 6 things that are weird about myself and then I am supposed to tag six of you out there to do the same thing................

1. My clothes are hanging in my closet in colors. I have never thought that is weird but it makes my daughter very aggravated at me.

2. My fingers are crooked my I guess that is not my fault I was born that way!!

3. I like being on time and think everyone else should be too but if that is weird so be it!

4. I am losing weight and my skin is going along with gravity so I am sure that is weird looking...poor hubby!!

5. I love to sleep. It is about the only time that my chronic pain leave me alone..Oh for sleeping!! AH!!!

6. Sometimes when I laugh I snort!! Yes, I snort!! I try not too but I do!! OOOPS!!

I am now tagging 6 of you:

  • Insanity Prevails
  • Lady Bug Crossing
  • Peaceful Corner
  • Hidden Haven Homestead
  • Trying to Catch Up
  • Thanks for the Memories


Barbara said...

I got your tag, I'll post soon! Happy Easter!

Melli said...

Oh boy. Thanks bunches! LOL! I will take care of this tag as soon as I can think of 6 weird things! LOL!

Melli said...

Mine's up!

Lulu said...

i'm ok, all is well..Thank you for your concern..

YellowRose said...

Hee hee I snort too!!! I love it!!!
We'd be a pair wouldn't we? snort, snort!!

Thanks for playing!

Wystful1 said...

I've been TAGGED!!??!! Oh no. *laughing* I just finished MY 6 weird things today!

Hope you had a great holYday!!!

Now-seems I'll be on the search for 6 victims...errrr, uh, I mean players!!


Sherri said...

Fun list!

...I was tagged too through Wystful, and my list is up:)

Wystful1 said...

HI! It's me. I feel like a heel. I really do.

I know you know that I did my 6 weird things about me.

And I added a note to you in MY 'tagged' comment section - directing it to you. Please, come read my apology!!

Mindy said...

Got your tag...i'm posting soon...not sure if i'm able to tag another 6 people though....seems as if others have beat me to it!! LOL...

Barbara said...

Trying to Catch Up: Six weird things

Finally answered the tag!