Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This is my first attempt at Tasty Tuesday. Lazy Daisy told me that I could do it and also that I could borrow this banner so I hope that her friend will not mind.

If I could live all over again:

I would not yell and scream at my first child as much.
I would stop and play with my children more.
I would know that they grow up way too fast.
I would not want them to grow up so quickly by wanting to see them talk quicker, walk quicker, get to school quicker, ride a bike quicker,etc.
I would slow myself down if that would be a possibility knowing me
I would enjoy the ride more.
I would have became a Christian much sooner.
I would have understood that keeping up with the Joneses was pure stupidity.
I would have learned that worry does absolutely NO GOOD!!

You know all in all though as I look back I am very happy at the way my life has turned out. I have a wonderful husband that loves me. My children have grown into great, Christian adults with good homes of their own. What more can I ask for out of this life? I am blessed!!!


Lazy Daisy said...

Look at you! Great job girlfriend. It turned out really well.

Lulu said...

beautiful post...i love that photo, its like walking to heaven..lovely..