Friday, February 17, 2006

WHAT IT TAKES TO GET TO SLEEP WHEN YOU ARE OVER SIXTY...............................

One night when my husband of 42 years and I were getting ready to go to bed I suddenly became really tickled when I noticed all of the "things" it takes for us to get ready for bed. I laughed so hard that I was almost crying when I realized all of the things that it took for us just to get to bed!!!!

When we were first married on Jan. 25th, 1964, I never remember any of this stuff. Clothes were never even a problem then!! SMILE!!

Now we both start with one of us going into the bathroom and getting out our "teeth cups". His is the BLUE one and mine is the WHITE one!! Which ever one of us gets there first gets them out and one polident for each of us. Next it is time for me to wash my face. Back to the bed to put on cream to keep my wrinkled face smooth. Next I have to use hand cream on my hands to keep them soft for as long as my old body will let them stay that way. Then I get to get into bed. My mister has to set the alarm, remember to put his carpal tunnel gloves on his left hand, make sure a pillow is under his left leg and hopefully it is time for him to get into bed.

Now finally we are in bed...Right? NOPE!! I forgot to turn off the computer!! Up I get and pad into the computer room and take my friend the computer down once again for the night time. I come back to bed and look around and wonder what is left for me to put on or to take off? Do I have anything left that I did not get done or is there something that I am forgetting?

By this time my faithful husband is snoring away and I try to snuggle into bed between him, the pillow and now Simon our cat has found his own little comfy place. My side is just a little small spot waiting for me. I have learned over the years that my place in the bed is right on the edge. We used to have a double bed, and now a queen but that does not matter, my place is still on the edge!! Oh well at least I have a place. smile!!!

See what you young people have waiting for you!! Things not only fall down as you get older...they also fall OUT!! Welcome to the Tarnished Years (so my Mother calls them)

Post script...I will be 61 this coming Monday!! UGH!!

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Happy Birthday!
Youth is definitely wasted on the young...