Saturday, February 11, 2006


I got to go on a date night not only with my husband but with another couple too!! I have not been out for a long time and was really excited about the prospects of going out again.
My husband even called and asked me and even gave me time to actually be ready. That is amazing if you knew my husband!
The other couple are the same age as our oldest children. We went and had a very good steak and to top it off they paid for our meal!! That steak tasted even better!! smile!
We had planned on going to see an early movie but could not make it so we looked around Michaels for a while and then made it to the late movie.
Harrison Ford's new movie, "Firewall" premiered this past Friday night. Most of the time you cannot beat a movie that he is in. It was very good and I recommend that you go see it.
I love going to see movies. This one was very suspense filled (which is the way most of his movies are). He is the inventor of software and the bad guys find out. They try to plan a bank robbery by kidnapping his family!! That is all that I am going to tell you. It is worth going to see.
My poor husband was having a time staying awake. He had his knee operated on a week ago and most of the time could not stay up past 9:00!! Somehow he made it!!
This old couple stayed up until almost midnight!! What a feat for us!! I had a great time. I wish that we could do this more often. Ask my husband and I am sure you will get the opposite least one of us had fun!!


Lazy Daisy said...

Look at you miss thing! We were supposed to go to Chick-fil-a in Harrisonburg this weekend but ended up with 10 inches of snow. I talked to Mike for a few minutes this afternoon.
Miss you like crazy!

Kimmy said...

Good for you! Nothin' beats a good night out with friends...especially when they foot the bill :P

I'm excited about "Firewall". My aunt enjoyed it also.

Thanks for stopping by today. I'm glad to hear your son is doing well. My mom was diagnosed with Crohn's in her late 20s and has battled it for the past 20+ years. Yuck!

LadyBugCrossing said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a great time.
Thanks for dropping by my site!
I enjoyed yours as well.

Maggie Ann said...

Good for you, going on date with your husband and friends...sounds like you had a wonderful time. Happy Valentine's Day!