Friday, December 16, 2005

You are reading about the "Candy Cane Extraordinaire"!!

I went to a great Christmas party last night. When you walked in you were given a candle cane on a red piece of yarn. You were to put it around your neck and then wear it all night. If you said the word, NO, and someone heard it they would take your candy cane from you. I lost mine right at the beginning and I can say now I was very happy because I was finally at liberty to talk once again.

Those who know me know that it is hard for me NOT TO TALK!! I was so relieved when I lost that candy cane. We had a great time. We had to go all over this beautiful home and find all of the mangers that were located in every room. There were 53 mangers in that home. I only found 49. She had them in every nook and cranny!!

We had a great meal too. Finally we were all sitting down and someone said the word NO and I got his whole raft of candy canes. I had about 18 I think. I then had to sit and almost keep my hand over my mouth in order to not say the word NO. Everyone wanted to be "my friend" and try to get my candy canes. I was the only woman that had made it that far (wonder why)!! Mike was sitting next to me and he had tried all night to get the most. He kept trying to trip me up too...that rascal. I just did not talk!!

Finally....over what seemed like a LONG time it was OVER WITH!! I had the most and won the most beautiful LARGE Poinsetta plant!!

I had been wanting one but did not want to buy one. Mike was thrilled that I won too!!

I learned for a few minutes how to keep my mouth shut and that I can actually do it!! I know that surprises a lot of you. I know Mike was stunned!!!

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Lazy Daisy said...

Love your did mean mangers and not managers didn't you? Lazy Daisy