Sunday, November 20, 2005

Pumpkin Pies are in the oven, the table is all pulled out to make it as big as we can get it and now all I do is wait!!

Our small group bible study will be coming tonight for Thanksgiving dinner with us. Everyone is bringing something. Our leader (brave leader) is deep frying a turkey for us. Now that does not do a lot for me...since I really do not like turkey. I have tasted the deep fried. It is okay as turkey goes.

Those turkeys never have to worry about me. I have a T-Shirt that says "Eat Pizza" and a big ole turkey is carrying the sign. That is my motto for Thanksgiving.

It is gray and kind of ugly this fine Sunday morning!! We are supposed to get rain but so far just the ugly gray stuff is here.

Not a good night for sleeping for some reason. Mike and I were both awake this morning at 6:00 AM. Anyone that knows me knows that I DO NOT GET OUT OF BED when it is still dark. For some reason that seemed a good idea this morning since sleep was not working at all. We got up and went to Shoney's for breakfast.

That is a bad place to eat when you are trying to lose weight like myself. I really do not eat enough to pay that BIG price that they charge..Oh well..Over with now!!

This week is going to be a big week for me. We are heading off to see our son in California late afternoon on Thanksgiving. We will be gone for a few days and then back to tackle everything that Christmas seems to bring.

We have all our away gifts wrapped and boxed and ready to go in the mail today!! My cards are also done and I need to just get them stamped.

I have been doing tons of scrapbooking. I have learned some new tricks and so that is a lot of fun for me. My oldest daughter's 3rd book is done and being sent to her. I am now working on a Disney book... It is fun so far. I just love doing this....

Well back to today events!! Better get back to busy!!


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